Every day that passes is just another day where Hillary astonishes with us comments that defy any type of logic. Here’s today’s latest example:

In an interview with Tony Dokoupil on the CBS show “Sunday Morning,” he asked the following of Hillary-“In retrospect, do you think Bill should’ve resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?” Her somewhat predictable answer was, “Absolutely not.”

Dokoupil then followed up with, “It wasn’t an abuse of power?”

Astonishing her reply was, “No. No,” adding that Lewinsky “was an adult.”

Wow…She really doesn’t get it.

What doesn’t she get about Bill being the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world having sex with an INTERN is not an abuse of power?

Although just about everything Hillary says at this point astounds me, it is comments like these that make me thankful that she lost the election. (Yes, Hillary, you lost…)

I know that folks have been throwing around the term “unhinged” for the last couple of weeks and it is Hillary who defines the word. You don’t have to be a drooling lunatic to be unhinged, you just need to be totally out of touch with reality and a shameless hypocrite.

This is what I hear from Hillary: I believe all women except those who have been abused, assaulted or raped by my husband.

If you are offended by this or don’t like what I have written, I don’t care.

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