On The Train To Crazy Town

Mika with the stern and serious look.

Each day that passes is just another invitation for some leftist wackjob to call for Trump’s impeachment or removal from office. Today, MSNBC talking head Mika Brzezinski appears to have become the engineer on the train to crazy town. I’m pretty sure that when she gets there she will undoubtedly become the mayor.

This one is a whopper.

Addressing the folks who work at the White House and looking at the camera in a serious tone that suggested we actually take her seriously, she had the nerve to invoke the 25th Amendment by saying the following:

“At some point, you are working for a president who is not fit to lead, who is going to do something crazy in five minutes, one hour, tonight or tomorrow.”

“What more do you need to hear from him to start thinking 25th Amendment or something else?”

Crazy? Like what? Have the lowest unemployment in decades? Record unemployment among the Latino and Black communities? If that’s crazy, count me in!

But seriously? Who is she? The lamestream media really wonders why people hate them? This is why. Here is a President who, yes, is not a polished politician but has accomplished more in his short time as President than Obama did in eight years. I’ll address that in another post shortly.

I know, all the naysayers will argue that this is not true. But facts are stubborn things.

What was that? Yes my friends, facts are stubborn things.

But what about Mika and the 25th amendment? She, like all of the other people calling for this or for impeachment have lost their minds. Every day that passes just makes it as plain as day.

If you are offended by this post or just don’t like what I have written…I don’t care. 


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