He Isn’t Even Cold Yet


George H.W. Bush passed away last night at the age of 94. Our 41st president, he was loved by the right and loathed by the left.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we live in a sad sick world. We don’t even have the decency to let someone pass without the usual bullshit coming out from the left. Let’s see,  we’ve already hears that Bush groped woman while he was in a wheelchair, he was a racist, he was the king of “toxic masculinity,” and his evil family killed millions of people.

Holy crap, his body isn’t even cold and yet the left is already cruising down the “white rich guy is a racist road.” As with every president, none are perfect. They all have their issues. They all lie, and they all act in their own interest. And yes, that goes for those on the left as well.

What if I were to come to your fathers funeral and proceed to call him a scumbag piece of shit? I am pretty sure that you would be beside yourself with anger. So if you wouldn’t like it said about a relative of yours, why do you think it’s ok to say it about others? Please don’t tell me he was a public figure, It’s a bullshit excuse and I don’t care.

Nobody deserves to be spoke about the way that he has been already. What about an ounce of common decency? Whether you liked him or not, he was a human being, as those of you on the left love to profess. He had a family who loved him and I am quite sure that they are in mourning, even as this is being written. With that said, the next few days will be filled with most hate filled vitriol and they most certainly won’t leave the family alone.

Will we see protestors at the wake? Or at the funeral? Will the left continue to shame themselves and further prove themselves to be the depraved individuals that they have shown themselves to be since Trump’s election?

What does this prove? What does it say about you as a person who has to resort to maligning the dead because you disagreed with them by hiding on social media while doing it?

It says that you are a sad, sick person.

For once, let’s at least make an attempt to act like human beings, the same ones that the left see themselves to be.

As always, if you are offended by this post or just don’t like what I have written…I don’t care.

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