Whining About The Right, Again


This post is a continuation from the previous one. It refers to the young lady who was evicted from her apartment near Harvard for possessing legal firearms and her roommates felt “fear.” 

Where is the fear coming from? The fear is coming from being raised in a generation where you are “triggered” by everything. And I mean literally everything. Where every time you hear or see something that you disagree with or don’t like causes you the slightest amount of anxiety and then you to need a safe space or a rescue dog.

Where the pressure of a mid-term causes such intense anxiety that you can’t function. Where a MAGA hat or shirt causes mental anguish but a Trump Sucks or I would have been a Trump Voter but my head wouldn’t fit up my ass and another with Trump firing a gun at himself are all ok.

I am tired of all of these liberals telling me what I can and can’t say or think. Address someone by the wrong pronoun? Off with your head! You don’t agree with letting everyone in the country before we take care of our own homeless and veterans? You are racist scum.

And what happens when these things happen? Oh my. We need safe spaces. We need rescue dogs, llamas and rabbits. We live in a world now where people can’t applaud anymore and have to use “jazz hands” to show their appreciation because clapping causes people anxiety. Are you serious? Are WE serious? The fact that we allow this shows how stupid we all have become.

And this nonsense all begins in elementary school, continues into the middle and high school years and culminates in our colleges and universities. It’s a good thing that both of my children have minds of their own and don’t follow lock step with this liberal crap. Luckily my son has already graduated from college and didn’t really suffer and negative effects from this lunacy.

My daughter, however, will go off to the college of her choice next August. She will be bombarded with more protests and morons than we saw in the movie PCU. Luckily I have already been briefing her on how to deal with these bubble headed boobies and I am confident she will be able to take care of herself,

So where does the fear come from? This fear of any and everything conservative or anything that doesn’t conform to the lefts point of view? It comes from a society that allows only one side to dictate what is acceptable thought and then punishes those who don’t follow it.

It starts in the family and is perpetuated in our schools. All the way from pre-k to our colleges and universities. We have all seen how it has crept into every aspect of our society. Trophies for everyone, no one can lose at any level. If you do, just whine and scream at the sky. You’ll then get what you want. Don’t earn it, whine for it.

That is where the fear comes from.

As always, if you are offended by this post or just don’t like what I have written…I don’t care.

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