I’m Back…

A while back the school district that I previously worked in spanked me pretty hard for the things that I was posting on Facebook. Of course I take full responsibility for that as I had no idea about privacy settings. At around the same time I decided to stop posting on this site (they didn’t know about it) for simple fear that they would get even more ridiculous with me than they did with the Facebook page. I actually had an idiot ask me seriously, “Mr. Doyle, can you please explain to me what a Fucktard is?” Can anyone be this dumb? You betcha.

Now that I am retired and it looks as though Biden will be our next President, I am starting it up again to do what I did previously, and that is point the hypocrisy that is sure to come.

If you lean to right, feel free to follow me on this site as I won’t always be relying on Facebook anymore.

If you don’t lean to the right, well hell, follow me anyway!

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