It’s Ok…

My friends on the right, it’s ok. I just saw that the AP has called the race for Slow Joe. Remember, it’s all good. Luckily for those of us on the right, we won’t be wearing pussy hats, screaming mindlessly at the sky, or rioting. Joe is our President for somewhere between one day and four years. Not that I am wishing ill will on the man, but if you paid attention to his campaign, (when he came out of his basement) he obviously wasn’t all with it and he is freaking old. Life is fragile and he could go at any time.  

But keep this in mind, you will survive a Biden/Harris, ooops, I meant a Harris/Biden presidency the same way we survived a disastrous eight years of Obama/Biden.

Just remember that we need to keep our principles in mind. The Constitution remains the document that guides us each and every day. We will continue to fight the assaults on our God given liberties and we will prevail.

One last thing. With Harris on the ticket, plan for at least four more years of being called a racist and a misogynist. It doesn’t matter that you hold radically different beliefs, the left will always pull the race card to try and shut us up.

Don’t fall for that trap. The left has no ability to debate policies, because as soon as someone disagrees with them, the vile names come out. I am 100% positive that this will continue.

So stay positive, and if anything, read this blog for some entertainment. I now have nothing but time.

Oh yeah, I forgot. SCOTUS 6-3.

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