Joe Biden Is Bobby Newport!

If you are at all familiar with the show Parks and Recreation, you know that Lesley Knope runs for city council against a bumbling knucklehead named Bobby Newport. In an effort to try and gain favor with his father, who ends up dying during the campaign at the age of 93, Bobby decides that it couldn’t be that difficult to be a City Councilman.

As I was watching this, and listening to Bobby (played by Paul Rudd), I came to a realization. Joe Biden is Bobby Newport! He exhibits many of the same characteristics as the fictional character on the show. He never realizes what he is doing, why he is running and just how deep in over his head he really is. On the show and in Biden’s campaign, no clear cut policies are ever described. In Biden’s the only words he could utter were COVID-19.

Another example is when his campaign manager keeps him hidden away and does media interviews herself. Nothing unscripted for this guy. Is this beginning to sound familiar?

He finally has to appear in public for a debate and his charm (he is a nice guy) and ignorance help him instead of hurting him. Hmm…

It’s a shame that Bobby really didn’t make that many more appearances on the show, but with Slow Joe I have no doubt that we will get our fair share of entertainment.

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