The Left: Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee

Regardless of what many folks on the left believe, we live in the best, most prosperous and powerful country in history. The one over riding idea that makes America the country that it is, is the fact that we have a Constitution that guarantees certain rights and freedoms.

It is unfortunate, however, that for at least the last twelve years, the left has taken it upon themselves to try and silence any opposition that may exist to even their craziest of policy proposals. As a matter of fact, they try to silence anyone on the right from saying anything that they disagree with.

Here are the talking points for the left when you are debating them:

  1. You are a racist
  2. You are a homophobe
  3. You are a transphobe
  4. You are a misogynist
  5. You are a white supremacist

You see it every day on college campuses where right leaning groups are almost always deemed “hate” groups by the left with the absence of any proof that they are indeed any of the five items listed above.

You see it on the street when folks who are wearing Trump shirts/hats are viciously attacked by left wing mobs.  

The reality for those of us on the right is that the left believes that if they scream loud enough, you will just shut up. Up to now, many on the right have just kept their opinions to themselves for fear of the radical left mob. Now is the time, however, to gain a voice and let the left know they can not and will not let you be bullied into submission.

Even though I have always been pretty vocal about my political beliefs (even at work), I always had to temper what I said because where I worked was pretty radical (I worked in a NY suburban high school). I was called a racist many times by students AND colleagues because I opposed the policies of the left and supported Trump.

But is that the true meaning of the 1st Amendment? Should I have to feel fear because someone disagrees with me? I don’t think so. I should be able to voice my opinions and beliefs without having to suffer the wrath of radical groups such as ANTIFA, BLM and just leftists in general.

Now with a Harris/Biden administration, those on the left will feel even more emboldened to silence any opposition from the right. We know for a fact that they will use violence to silence their critics. And we know that they will lie about people to shut them up.

I am in a unique position in my life now because I am retired. I do not have to worry about the radical administration where I used to work forcing me to adhere to the insane ideas that happened to be the flavor of the month just to keep a job.

My one wish is that I would love for those on the left to actually cherish and adhere to the Constitution and allow everyone to voice their opinions.

I am almost certain that I will be waiting for a very long time for this to happen.

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