Human Excrement Of The Week: The Hollywood Left

You certainly don’t have to be a fortune teller to predict the bedwetting and crying of the Hollywood left because the Donald won’t concede the election. As I mentioned in a previous post, the left needs to be held accountable even if they forged one vote. Although we may not be looking at widespread cheating, the fact that once again the left thinks that they can get away with whatever they want. And what makes it worse is the fact that the lamestream media plays right into this insanity.

With that said, the Hollywood left is without a doubt the worst. They all screamed that they wanted a fair election. So if this is the case, shut the fuck up for two seconds, let the court cases run their course and in the end I’m sure you will have President Slow Joe.

But no, every day the temper tantrums get worse and worse. Here are a couple of gems from elitist left wing wack job Michael Rappaport:

“You lost, you fucking lost, and I’m going to tell you why you lost,”  “Your stupid wife, your dumb fucking daughters, your two fucking sons… I’m going to tell you why you lost. You lost because you’re a cocksucker. You’re a cocksucker. You’re a lying, conniving, deceitful, cocksucker!”

And who can forget this from John Cusack:

“Cusack attacked various members of the Trump administration, referring to Trump legal counsel and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as “Rudy ghouliani,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “Deathkkult pimp Pompeo,” White House aide Stephen Miller as “Nazi miller,” and Vice President Mike Pence as “Criminal Pense.”

My last example comes from “actor,” and I use the term loosely, Alex winter who provided us with this:

“…Alex Winter, said it’s hard not to call America “a fascist autocracy when no one has the courage to declare a fully legitimate election.” And, according to Winter, if we are to wait for the election to be officially called, “at least get started arresting all the criminals in the White House.”

As long as the left keeps up with the nonsense that they have been spewing for five years now, this nation will never heal from the perceived and false damage the left says that Trump has inflicted on the nation.

These Hollywood fools say that they believe in justice and the American way. If that is the case, then shouldn’t they take a moment to reflect on their own lack of civility and manners and let the situation play out? No, they won’t because they are to self absorbed and believe that if you don’t agree with them, you are wrong.

Sorry you leftist turds. You proclaim that the President is an embarrassment because he won’t concede. Entirely half of the country at this point sees things differently and believes that you are the embarrassment to our country.

That is why this week, the Hollywood left are the Human Excrement of the Week.

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