Veterans Day

Today is veterans day. Over the course of this countries great history millions of people, both men and women have made the choice to put all else aside and decide to serve this awesome country. They have served anywhere from two years to over thirty, but one thing is clear in all of the cases. They made a choice to defend the USA. During times of war, the cold war, and during peacetime, veterans have been sent throughout the world to ensure that we remain the most powerful country in the world. And even today, we are still that.

Some folks, however, would like for you to believe that our military is not a force for good. That our sole purpose is to invade other nations and impose our will on other people. It is obvious, however, that this is not the case. I would even venture that many, if not all of the countries where we have bases feel comfortable with our presence.

So this is a day of remembrance for our countries veterans. Even on a day such as today I ask that you also think of those who are currently serving. While many of us served many years ago, and some within the last few years, the members of the military of today have different challenges that they face. And as with all prior members of the Armed Forces, they do so without question.

On this day I say God Bless the Veterans of the Unites States, current members of the military and especially the Unites States of America.

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