SJW’s And The Perception Of Power

I cherish the Constitution. There I said it. And one of the many issues that I have with Harris/Biden administration  will be the continuing erosion of our God given liberties. Things have been bad enough in our schools, from pre-k all the way though graduate schools in the way that they allow “free speech” or the lack thereof. Social Justice Warriors have taken over every aspect of our education system, and it beyond time for conservatives to stand up for what they believe. With the new administration, it is only going to get worse.

In watching and reading the news for the last 11 months, I have learned that free speech and free thought only go in one direction. ANTIFA, who claim to be “Anti-Fascist,” act exactly like all of the other fascists throughout history. If you don’t agree with them, they use violence and intimidation to shut you up.

Now BLM, are almost equally as bad. While they don’t necessarily use violence as much as the ANTIFA shitheads, they instead immediately brand you a racist if you don’t fall lock step to their way of thinking.

The question I have had for years, and still ponder every day, is what is the left afraid of? Why are they so insistent that they are right and that their beliefs trump (no pun intended) those of us on the right? Why can’t they debate the issues like normal people do?

I’m pretty sure that I have the answer. The answer is that they know many of the proposals they espouse are bullshit. Let’s take a look at free everything. Many of the proposals sound great, but when you dig deeper and ask for specifics, the vitriol comes spilling out, especially when the question of who is going to pay for it comes up.

So where is exactly is the free speech here? Because I disagree with you, I am not allowed to exercise my right of free speech?

I don’t agree with most of the policies on the left. Defunding or “reimagining” the police, bathrooms for all, drag queen story hours, teaching small kids and teens that it is ok to be whatever gender they want, and most of all hating the police. All of this is just pure nonsense and yet people are afraid to speak out for fear of being canceled or shamed into submission. The Hollywood wack jobs are famous for this. The unfortunate thing is, the rest of the left, even the moderates, are now buying into all of this.

Now before you start calling me names, I could care less who you sleep with or what gender you want to be on Tuesday, but don’t force me to believe that as well. Forcing folks to try and believe what you do is only going to get people to say what you want to hear. It’s kind of like torture. At a certain point, every person who has ever been tortured breaks and tells the person torturing them what they want to hear hoping it will stop.

The same is with the left. They will beat you down both physically and verbally until you agree with what they say, or you just stop expressing your beliefs. And this is what they want. Compliance and/or silence, or else.

This is a problem, especially in high schools and college campuses. The ultra liberal administrations in both institutions have bought into this and as a result, we have kids who believe that they are right under every circumstance and any differing view is meet with disdain, hatred and violence.

We saw this during the Obama/Biden years and it will undoubtedly grow exponentially with Harris/Biden. You think it couldn’t get worse than it was during Trump? Wait until these cretins are emboldened by the perceived power that they won’t have.

I implore all of my friends on the right, don’t fall for it. Be a free thinker. Believe it or not, you have the God given right to disagree with anyone you want as long as you don’t threaten or hurt someone.

It’s a shame that the left can’t learn something from this.

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