Governor Cuomo=Shameless

It is quite unfortunate that the state of New York has become one of the worst liberal cesspools in the country that it has. From DeBlasio to Cuomo, they seem to have a knack for running things into the ground. From some of the highest taxes in the nation to ridiculous orders that will defund the police. Now in these difficult times, we have many, many people in the state that have not been working or have lost their jobs. Any kind of federal assistance is being held up by crazy Nancy and her equally worthless colleagues. For how long and what reason?

Anyway, this post is being written to point out that with the middle class suffering, the governor will be receiving a $25,000 pay raise. That’s right, 25 big ones. His current salary if $225,000, so when you add that $25,000, you have a nice chunk of change.

Less than a month ago, here is what he had to say about New York’s fiscal situation: “New York state is already $50 billion in debt between state and local governments and they have not passed legislation on the state and local relief. If the state has a deficit and the local governments have a deficit, we can’t fund essential workers.”

You might not be able to fund essential workers but you are going to accept a $25,000 pay raise? Of course, and I expect nothing less, he immediately blames the President for his stupidity, “We don’t dig out of it. We don’t have a shovel big enough to dig out of it, it’s the biggest number in history. We need help from Washington and that’s what Trump wouldn’t do.”

So, Governor Cuomo, why don’t you do the right thing and lead by example. Forego the raise for now and when times are better take it then. At the very least it would show that you care just a little bit about the people in your state.

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