Give Me Turkey And/Or Give Me Death

I’m convinced that the world we are living in is sinking into a dystopian nightmare. We have reached the point with the pandemic where just three days from Thanksgiving, governors from various states are setting limits as to how many people you can have at your house for the annual turkey fest. Not only that, Oregon’s governor has actually told the residents of her state to call the police and rat their neighbors out if they exceed her arbitrary limit. In my state of NY, we are basically seeing the same thing. Cuomo, the governor, not his brother Fredo, has also set limits for Thanksgiving visits that make no sense.

“It’s either COVID or the knife.”

Although I have many issues with the restrictions on our freedoms, I have to say that this year our family will not be having my parents over for dinner or dessert. My father, who is close to 85, doesn’t want to get potentially exposed just to eat some Turkey. I don’t blame him. I am in a unique position where I have several medical conditions that put me in a high risk category for the virus so I don’t feel as though I should contribute to the problem. So what does that tell you? It tells you that as Americans, we have the choice as to whether to proceed with Thanksgiving or not. Now, if I were planning to have a group to my house and I was looking at the recent spike across the country, would I change my plans? I am thinking yes, I would. Once again, it is my choice to do so.

With all of that said, if other folks want to go to grandma’s with 20 other people, let them. Once big government (democrats) start restricting your liberties, they won’t stop with Thanksgiving. What would be next? Christmas? Hanukah? New Years?

The reason that our country has always been great and still is today is because we have the freedom to do what we want. Obviously, we can’t rob a bank or kill someone, but if we believe in our innate freedom to congregate with whom we want and when we want, so be it. We don’t need a nanny state telling us what to do 24/7 because believe or not my fellow Americans, the government does not know better. You know that if people are sick, they should be excluded, right? If you have a house full of older to old to really old people, maybe having them all together isn’t such a hot idea. These days it literally could be a death sentence.

But as Americans, we have become accustomed to our freedoms and liberties. The bottom line is we don’t like it when people tell us what to do, especially the government and especially when they are doing exactly what they ordered you not to do. The thing that you have to remember is that with the freedoms we have comes a certain amount of responsibility. What I have seen on the news, is petulant, whining five year olds who are pissed because they can’t or shouldn’t travel for Thanksgiving. Now just to clarify, I am not putting into this category all of the businesses that are going to have to close due to ongoing shutdowns and restrictions. That is a whole other story.

My concern with this post is safeguarding the lives of the ones you love. Is it truly an act of civil disobedience to have a large group over for Thanksgiving and then have person or people get sick and then God forbid someone dies? No. In my humble opinion that would be murder.

So let’s take a step back for a moment and think about what we are doing. Do we want to be with our extended families for the holidays? Sure. But when you think about it for even one second, is it worth the chance that someone, anyone you had at your house either gets sick or gets another guest sick? I don’t think so.

Remember, with freedom and liberty comes responsibility. Use common sense this week when you decide what you are going to do.

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