Oh Maxine…

The “Beat A Dead Horse” Award is being given today to Maxine Waters (D) of California.

What is it with the democrats in California? First you have crazy Nancy and well, she’s just crazy. Unfortunately, at this point Maxine Waters has got her beat. I truly didn’t think it was possible, but Waters has really gone off the rails.

She is now calling for President Trump to be investigated after he leaves office for what he has done to “undermine our democracy” over the last four years. Could a person be more hypocritical? All the left has done for the last four years is undermine our political system with its baseless, and quite frankly, moronic attacks on the president. For her to call for an investigation of Trump is not only insane, but it takes Trump Derangement Syndrome to entirely new levels.

It is obvious to me that Maxine may be suffering from whatever is ailing Slow Joe these days. How can we forget spying on the Trump campaign by Obama? Or totally ignoring Slow Joe’s involvement with his son in using his influence when he was Vice President? Or perhaps, and all I have to do is mention the name, but what about Hillary? I don’t recall any investigations being done in regards to the former administration. But then again, Obama, according himself, had a “scandal free” eight years. Wow…

Does she not see herself for the fraud and hypocrite that she is? All she has to do is look in the mirror for just a second of reflection and maybe, just maybe, she will come to realize that no one is buying her act.

But sadly, this is what the democrat party has become. I can not find one person on the left who will ever condemn anything that they do, no matter how depraved and dishonest it may be. With all of the issues facing our country today, including Slow Joe and his radical regime, she can’t find anything else to focus on?

I ask these questions in jest, of course, because we already know the answer.

The left have no ideas, new or old, that will help advance the cause of the United States. They will continue their slow march to obscurity and a loss of the House in two years because folks are finally coming to realize just how anti-American their beliefs are.

And for those of you out there that continue to blindly support this nonsense, you are equally as culpable. Oh yeah, I also have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.

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