Back The Blue

It has become a sad and sick reality in our country that the very people who are in the public every day protecting us have now become the hunted. Forget everything that you have heard about the police going to work just so they can hunt for black people. While there are most certainly racist cops, the same holds true for fireman, teachers, IT personnel, you name it, every field has some people in it that don’t like someone because of their race.

To say that racism is systemic throughout every police force in the country is just ridiculous and as I have said before, intellectually retarded.

Now I know that if someone reads this who disagrees with me will most certainly put forth incidents where people were actually gunned down by the police for no reason. But they are few and far between. Let’s take a look at the numbers so far this year as to how many police have been shot, as well as shot and killed.

“According to the National Fraternal Order of Police, the number of officers shot from Jan. 1, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020, is up 7 percent from last year’s historic number, which was up 29 percent from 2018. Forty-four of the officers shot this year were fatally wounded.”

Now why is this? Why the sudden and dramatic rise in shootings of our law enforcement personnel? I have my thoughts.

First, groups like BLM make it their business that as soon as a black man is shot by police, they immediately target the officer as a racially motivated hit man. They have never, ever taken a step back and allowed the process of an investigation to take place to see if that truly is the case. Instead, they cry systemic racism and the stupidity starts again. They take the one minute of video that circulates and deem that to be all that happened in that situation. Unfortunately, we have found that in almost every case, once you look at what happened prior to the shooting, the result is obvious, they had no choice.

Second, BLM is actively anti police and the people that follow them believe that they can do whatever they want in regards to the police. Never in my life did I ever think that our country would come to a point where police officers would be assaulted doing their jobs.

Third, I blame the parents of these miscreants. I know that my parents taught me to be respectful to all forms of authority. That doesn’t mean you have to kiss their asses, you just have to shut up. But the current generation has been taught they can argue with the police and not do what they say. I have heard this myself being taught in a class where I used to work.

We have seen the results of this with the riots across the country where police are spit on, had feces and urine thrown on them, cursed and assaulted.

Here is what I suggest you do.

Go to Google and put in the name of every person shot by the police. For starters, watch the entire video before you fan the flames of “police brutality.” I did it and guess what? In almost every case, the folks who were shot were not the choirboys that BLM made them out to be.

So how can we resolve this at its base level?

  1. If you are stopped by the police, do what they say. Keep your comments to yourself and just shut up.
  2. If you think you have been treated unfairly, you have the option to fight it in the courts. Fighting with the police isn’t advisable and could get you killed.
  3. Show the police the same respect that you would want them to show you.
  4. And if you are a parent, don’t be stupid and teacher your children that every cop is a racist. When you do that, YOU are the person putting your child at risk for having an adverse encounter with the police.
  5. BLM and other groups that are anti cop do the same thing that parents do. They instruct people that ALL cops are racist and this just isn’t true. If you don’t want people to die, teach them how to act like respectful human beings.

Now, defunding the police and sending social workers on what police consider some of the most dangerous situations they encounter is beyond stupid. What are those same radicals going to say and do when a social worker gets killed during a call that they get sent to?

Unfortunately, I know that by writing what I have I will once again be called a racist. But that’s ok. Everything that is written here is reasonable and true.

It shouldn’t just be folks on the right that are the supporters our men and women in blue. The left has to start assuming responsibility for what they have created and for the most part chosen to ignore.

And don’t you find it amusing that the very people who assault, demean and call for the abolition of the police are the first people to call them when something goes wrong.

I’m sorry folks, you can’t have it both ways.

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