I Can’t Believe The Left Still Just Doesn’t Get It

It’s a shame that whenever you disagree with the left it can never be about ideas. When the left disagrees with you, they feel sorry for you. They say that obviously you aren’t thinking straight if you actually hold an opinion that is contrary to what they believe. Then of course, when you hit them with facts, you immediately become a bigot.

For the simple fact that you hated Trump, you elected a man who is very obviously cognitively deficient and should not be the leader of the free world. I asked time and again for someone on the left to try and convince me to vote for Biden and no one would. You blatantly overlooked four years of accomplishments by Trump. You have verbally and physically assaulted his supporters and to what end?

As a matter of fact, as I pointed out in yesterdays post, the threats of physical harm are still happening as well as the attacks.

Now, I was brought up to believe that the one thing that made our country so special and unique was that we have a Constitution that gives us certain rights as citizens of the United States. The First Amendment being the most important of them all.

Unfortunately, the left seems to think that the 1st Amendment only applies to them and their beliefs. If you dare disagree with them, then you are quite obviously a racist, transphobe, homophobe or misogynist. At the same time, they don’t bother to look inwards and at their own historical transgressions. Which party founded the KKK? Who was Joe Biden’s mentor when he was first elected? Whose funeral did he speak at who was once in the KKK?

Feel free to do a Google search to find out the answers to those and many other questions.

At this point I am more than a little tired of the left believing that it is their beliefs that are more important and therefore are more deserving of attention and belief.

You know, it is kind of funny that if you look at the country the days and months after Trump’s election, who were the ones acting as is they denied dinner as a five year old? The screaming and foot stomping reminded me of my kids when they didn’t get what they wanted. Now that was embarrassing for the country.

So, as we move forward into the Harris/Biden administration, you folks on the left need to get a grip on reality.

Here’s an idea. Instead of calling us all kinds of names, think about the fact that one half of the country does not agree with your radical beliefs.

I hate to have to write about this again, but the left continues day after day to look foolish every time that they refuse to honestly debate the issues.

Like I said, get a grip and stop whining.

Oh yeah, here is a link to Trump’s accomplishments complete with citations:


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