I Don’t Vote Republican Out Of Fear, I Vote Republican Because I Value The Constitution

I read with great interest a response to a post I wrote the other day. The response was trying to make the point that Republicans are voting in fear because of a changing demographic in our country, so that is why we would voted for Trump. In my response, I made it quite clear that Republicans don’t vote based on how they feel, they vote based on the principles and values that they hold.

For instance, I am a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment. This is one reason why I will never vote for a democrat. Every single democrat runs on an anti gun platform. I am vehemently against anyone trying to tax my weapons and ammunition, something that both Biden and Harris have pledged to do.

Second, democrats will raise my taxes to pay for the programs that keep their constituents dependent on the system. Remember when Obama was running in 2008?  Many, many people firmly believed that “Obama is going to give us free stuff.” Who gets stuck footing the bill for that? Hard working Americans, that’s who.

Third, and even stronger than the 2nd Amendment is my belief in the First Amendment. Unfortunately for many years now, the left refuses to allow the right any platform for honest debate. If you supported Bush, you were racist. If you didn’t support Obama, you were racist. If you supported Trump, you were racist. If you didn’t support Biden/Harris, you were racist. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Fourth, moderate to radical progressives are calling for “health care for all” where I will lose my private insurance. I didn’t work for over thirty years to have to trade in excellent health care for some crappy government substitute. Remember this gem: “You can keep your doctor?”

Fifth, if you want to become a citizen of our great country, we have laws and a process to do so. Who is going to pay for all of these illegals who circumvent the system? Once again, hard working Americans.

When confronted with facts, the cry of racist is immediately thrown into the conversation and unfortunately many on the right cower to that and refuse to go any further for fear of being canceled or targeted by the politically correct thought police.

I am in a unique position now because I am now retired, and I will say what I believe. I could not do that in the past because the school district I worked in, which is mainly composed of left leaning to radical left progressives, had no problem letting you know that well, you were a racist if you didn’t toe the leftist party line. And this nonsense is being pushed in the classrooms of our students.

And although the left tries to hide their sordid and horrific history of racism, if more people were properly educated as to who started the KKK and were actually responsible for many of the hate crimes in the 19th and early to mid 20th century, then maybe more left leaning voters would think twice about who they cast their vote for.

Voting for someone because you have a deep and misguided hatred of a person is intellectually stupefying. It is dishonest and also holds absolutely no credibility.

If you have read this far, I have listed more reasons here to not vote for Biden than I ever heard his campaign try and convince me to vote for him. When he came out of his basement, Slow Joe, when he could remember where he was, only spoke about COVID. That’s it.

And regardless of what the majority of the left believe, the right are not the fascists and racists. It is evident to me, through the actions of the left that they really are the folks who trample on our constitution.

So it isn’t a fear of changing demographics (Read into that a fear of Black and Brown people), it is the dissolving of our rights and the further turning us into a nanny state where we have to rely on the government from cradle to grave that makes me NOT vote democrat.

I know that I am not alone in my thinking on this, and I will fight any and all attempts to turn our great nation into socialist nightmare.

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