Beware Of The “Karen”

A Karen in all her glory.

Being as it is, I’ve only relatively recently been exposed to the phenomenon of the “Karen.” Now before I begin, I do have to offer my sincere apologies to my sister, Karen, because as far as I know, she does not fit the qualification to be one of these Karen’s.

For about thirty years now we have had a couple of generations grow up that have never heard the word “no.” They have received trophies for everything from finishing last in a race to wiping their ass. They have grown up, at home and in school, basically getting everything that they wanted. The problem with these children is that they eventually had to grow up. Not emotionally, mind you, but just physically. Mentally they are stuck in a time warp where they are perpetually seven years old and they let everyone know it.

On several of the channels that I follow on you tube, the folks have gotten videos of these women and posted them for everyone to see. At first, I thought that maybe the videos were being taken out of context, but as the videos went on, you could truly see that they were just nuts. Bat shit crazy nuts.

I’ve seen women arguing about cars in driveways that aren’t theirs. I’ve seen these “Karens” arguing with neighbors about leaves that have blown onto their yard from a lawn next door. I’ve seen Karens lose their shit in stores over refunding merchandise, about not getting a 10% discount which amounts to $1.50 and now with COVID, God forbid if you aren’t adhering to the six foot distancing rule or wearing a mask.

I am not going to lie. I absolutely love these videos. It’s not just the spot on narration by the person on the channel, it is watching how seriously unhinged a person can get over what is many times something very minor.

In most of the situations that I have seen (and I have watched TONS of them), the incidents never start out good and end even worse. Part of the problem is the existence of cell phones. Once the Karen sees that she is being filmed, all hope is lost for any kind decent resolution. These crazy ladies are willing to be arrested for acting like an imbecile. It’s kind of like poking a bear. If you do it long enough, you are asking for trouble.

The most egregious thing about a true Karen is that they always have to be right. Even when presented with evidence to the contrary, they have to be right. They will trespass on your property and block your car from moving so they can get in your face and scream at you.

After watching all of these videos, I do have some questions for these Karen’s:

  1. When you are pitching a fit like a three year old, do you realize that is what you are doing?
  2. Do you see this behavior as being infantile?
  3. When presented with a rational argument that proves you wrong, why do you continue with your insanity?
  4. Do you act like this in front of your family or do you save all of the crazy for strangers?
  5. If you do act like this in front of your family, why do they put up with you?
  6. How many times have you been arrested?
  7. If you have never been arrested, how did you avoid it?
  8. How many times have you been divorced and then remarried?
  9. How have you avoided being murdered by your own family?

If any Karens or people close to them can answer these questions, I would love to know.

As I said in the beginning, this is partially, but not all of the everyone gets trophy generation all grown up and it is scary. I am certain of one thing. These episodes are not one time affairs. If you act so crazy that people are filming you or have to call the police, or you can easily be triggered by a look or a smell, then Karen comes out in full force.

Punishment for being a Karen is a simple one. You get locked in a cell for 48 hours and the video of you screaming like a psycho gets played at the highest volume possible. It’s kind of like when they were trying to flush out General Noriega with Led Zeppelin. That worked, why won’ this?

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