Human Excrement Of The Week: The House Democrats

Pelosi trying to remember where she is.

With a great deal of hope I always expect the left to do something positive that will help the nation rather than hurt it. After listening to listening to Nancy Pelosi and watching her in action for the last four years, I know that this is impossible. Her hatred of Trump as well as her obvious signs of aging should have sent a message to the rest of the House as well as her constituents.

But as can be expected, I raised the bar way too high and fell short once again. Even after all of her infantile acts and out right lies about Trump and the right, her own party elected her House Speaker again. She actually ran unopposed, a fact that baffles me.

It is more than obvious at this point that the left doesn’t care about the mental condition or the behavior of their elected officials, they will keep giving the same perks and privileges to the same scum that defile the office that they serve.

Now I know that I have to keep saying this because if I don’t, people on the left will lose their minds. I don’t like many things that Trump does. I don’t like the tweets or the name calling. His own party has said the same thing. But the left? All that they can focus on is their Trump Derangement Syndrome and nothing else. They will continue to ignore the boorish behavior of the left and continue to demonize the right.

If anyone on the left would take two seconds and watch some video of Nancy during her press conferences or on the Sunday morning shows where she is fellated on a weekly basis by the partisan hacks that have the nerve to call themselves “journalists,” they would see that something is going on with her as well. It isn’t only Slow Joe that’s getting old.

So here is where I would say, “you get what you vote for.” Unfortunately for those of us on the right, voting her as speaker hurts us all, not just the people who voted her into office.  

Instead of telling us how bad Trump is, she will now speak in glowing terms about how great Slow Joe is. How he will save the nation. She was full of lies every time her mouth opened, and she spoke about Trump, and it will be the same with Slow Joe. Lies, lies, and more lies.

I am offering a wager. For Slow Joes’s first State of the Union Address, will she make a show of tearing up his speech as she did in her sickening spectacle with Trump? I doubt it. I am offering 1,000,000 to 1 odds if it does happen.

Unfortunately, in this case we all get what they voted for. A bitter old woman who is way past her prime mentally who should step aside and let some of the younger democrats take control. Watching her masturbate her ego on a daily basis is more than anyone should have to deal with.

And this is why today, 1/4/21, the House Democrats are the “Human Excrement of the Week.”


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