Hey Nancy, People Need Help. Don’t You Think Appeasing The Unicorns And Make Believe People Can Wait?

In a world where people have lost their jobs and are desperate for money, Nancy Pelosi proves yet again that she and her colleagues are truly out of touch with what should be considered priorities for the American people. While restaurants and gyms close and the employees of those establishments find themselves jobless, Nancy finds herself more preoccupied with gender pronouns than helping these same Americans with economic relief.

For weeks, Nancy has played a deadly game with her democrat colleagues where they said that they wouldn’t vote on a stimulus package unless it had billions of dollars that were allocated for useless causes. Money for gender studies in Pakistan. Millions for the Kennedy Center. Wouldn’t all of this money, and more, be much more wisely used by helping the American people? As well as American businesses?

I’m sorry, but the fact remains that if we want to retain our position as the most powerful nation the planet, we need to first take care of own. In between the devastation of the virus in terms of lives lost, and then the economic impact of the virus, it could be years before we see the light of day from this pandemic. We must look after our own first before anyone else. This has to be the priority. Personally, I don’t even see this as an issue.

You have democrat governors shutting businesses down on a daily basis, thereby preventing the owners from making any money. The CDC has even said that at this point the easiest way to catch the virus is through gatherings in the home. To make matters worse, a new strain has found its way to NY and they say that it is 50% more contagious. More dark days could be on the horizon.

Unfortunately, the left doesn’t want to understand that the American people should take priority in a situation such as this or they truly just don’t care. They need to come to the realization that the people in our country who have been out of work and those who have lost their jobs are more deserving than foreign countries.

So, while American are suffering, Nancy and her merry band of miscreants have decided that they need to spend time worrying about what pronouns you can call people. They can hold a vote for something as stupid as this, but they held up a stimulus package that would help millions.

In a package pushed by Pelosi late last week, “House leaders announced a package of ethics and legislative reforms to kick off the 117th Congress that included stripping out gendered language referring to a representative’s family members and replacing it with gender-neutral terms to honor “all gender identities.”

It went on to further say that “If passed, there will no longer be father, mother, son, daughter, wife, husband, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, stepmother, stepfather, stepson, stepdaughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, or any other familial term you can think of. In their place will be parent, sibling, child, child’s parent, and parent-in-law.”

This is beyond stupid. Beyond monumentally stupid. Incredibly, monumentally stupid. I can’t believe that these people keep getting reelected and that we pay them the amount of money that we do. For ridiculous nonsense like this, it is way past time to stand up to the left and their make believe land of 38 genders.

Here is the deal. We have two genders, male and female. I am a husband, father, son, brother, stepson and stepbrother. I refuse, under any circumstance, to fall for this charade that appeases a portion of the population that barely equals one percent. If even that. When it comes to the left, however, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, no matter how small the wheel is.   

To make matters worse, “U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said he was caught off guard by the negative response after he ended his opening prayer on the first day of the new Congress by saying, “Amen and A-woman.”

How truly stupid and intellectually moronic can you get?

He said he was he was saying it to honor the amount of women that are now in congress. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to call bullshit on this one. As a minister, he should know that the word Amen in Hebrew means “so be it.” He says that it was a pun and if that it true, it was a bad one.

This nonsense of appeasing everyone for what they think they are at any given moment just shows how intellectually deficient some folks on the left are. They tell the right that we cling to our guns and religion. But don’t they do the same with their fanciful flights of stupidity and delusional thinking in regards to gender?

As I always say, if you can’t stand next to me to pee, you aren’t a dude. End of story. Otherwise, I have some unicorns or magic rocks I would love to sell you.

And by all means, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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