Who Needs To Be Deprogrammed?

Once again, we are seeing how the left has a set of blinders on and refuses to see the truth about themselves. They still haven’t learned that the internet does not go away. Everything that the lamestream media puts on its pages or broadcasts is out there for everyone to see until, well, forever and ever and ever. Everything that left wing politicians say and do is out there for everyone to see, forever.

So now the left believes that we on the right need to be “deprogrammed” based on the insanity that because we supported Trump, we are members of a cult. But when you look at the eight years of Obama and now four year of Trump, who are the real cultists?

From the day he announced his candidacy, people flocked to follow Obama regardless of whether they knew his politics or not. Many people were more than happy to vote for him based on the fact that he was Black and that was good enough for the left.

The mainstream media have been the worst, having sunk to new lows to promote the democrat party. They do so now with reckless abandon and absolutely no shame.  

Even during the primaries in 2007, the liberal media couldn’t contain themselves. It was worse than being at a five year olds birthday party. Chris Matthews of MSNBC fame said this, “I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.” He also admitted that he cried during an Obama speech and also compared him to Jesus. This is a non biased journalist?

In the interest of not wasting your time and mine, I settled on Matthews because his actions are by far the most egregious. And please remember, that’s just a few gems from one of the liberal outlets and one of their commentators. If you go on the internet (like I have done), you can find the information to literally write a book about the Obama sycophants who had no problem salivating over everything he said and did. Some of it will shock you, but most of it will disgust you.

Obama could and still to this day, can do no wrong. No matter how misguided his policies were and the fact that he did more damage to race relations in this country meant nothing to the left. They ignored every misstep and chose instead to  blame Bush for the first six years of his presidency.

Even as recent as yesterday, the media was already canonizing Slow Joe. CNN political director David Chalian said, “And the contrast on display tonight was so stark, I mean those lights that are just shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial along the reflecting pool, I look, it’s like almost extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.”

Oh dear God…I feel physically ill…

So, when I see the entire left ignoring month after month of violence and destruction, and without any thought taking away free speech from Conservatives, who are truly the cult members? Who are the people who are saying through their actions that if you don’t agree with them you will be canceled? Who ignored every idiotic decision that Obama made during his eight years and instead fawned over his every word and action? Who is saying that a group of people need to be “deprogrammed” because they don’t fall into line as a progressive?

Well folks, it certainly isn’t the right.

So, please, spare me the histrionics about “deprogramming” the 74 million people who supported Trump.

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