Let’s Watch The Left Cannibalize Their Own…Are You Surprised?

What, me worry?

Here we are, a day after the inauguration of Slow Joe and I have to ask myself, Where are protests? Where are the idiots with the pink pussy hats screaming about Biden being accused of sexual assault? Where is the Me Too movement? Where is the left, period? Where, oh where could they be?

If you remember the day that Trump was sworn into office, protests erupted throughout DC and the rest of the country. Women (and men) wore pink pussy hats and celebrated their hatred of Trump. Oh yeah. Good times.

Over the years, women have come forward and accused our new president of sexual misconduct and what do we get? We get the usual. The left conveniently ignores the indiscretions of anyone connected with them but will offer up for sacrifice anyone on the right accused of the same exact thing.

Tara Reade, a former Slow Joe staffer, came forward with accusations of being sexually assaulted during her time with the cognitive caveman, only to realize that, “Biden used his power and resources with certain media to erase me and silence me.” What? I thought every woman regardless of political party, was to be believed when they made accusations?

The saddest thing about this story is that she is a democrat. She worked for Slow Joe!

Ms. Reade said that the inauguration was “unspeakably hard to watch” and that “Coming forward about being sexually harassed and assaulted in 1993 when I was Joe Biden’s staffer was excruciating on so many levels.” But she has been brave and said that “I will not be silenced. Instead of talking about saving the country’s soul he should be held accountable for his actions.”

But alas, because the accused predator was Slow Joe, she was met with backlash. In April she said, “I’m sorry that I’m politically inconvenient but my perpetrator was Joe Biden, and people need to deal with it.”

Unfortunately, the left has proven that in the name of political expediency, even their own will be thrown to the wolves. Forget about his bizarre sniffing fetish with women and much younger girls, this is an accusation of straight up sexual assault.

So again, where is the outcry? Where are the protests? Where are the pink pussy hats? (Scratch that, no one needs to see them). Where is the left?

They are where you would expect them to be now that Slow Joe has taken office. They are sticking to deflection and misdirection by continuing to preach to any idiot that will listen about “white supremacy” and systemic racism. These are the lefts favorite fallacies of the moment.

I won’t even go into a rant about the hypocrisy of this because the left just doesn’t care. They don’t appear to care about very much or people in general unless they meet that special SJW criteria and they don’t interfere with any potential political candidates for higher office.

This is exactly where Ms. Reade went wrong. It wasn’t that she made the accusation, it’s who she made the accusation against.

Shameful, Shameless, Disgusting and Typical.

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