Hypocritical Race Baiters

“But with white liberals overusing the word (racism) to influence elections because they can’t effectively argue the merit of an issue is weakening a very powerful tool to push back against real acts of racism.”― Kathy Barnette

“The Marxist maxim is ‘agitate, agitate, agitate’, and that is precisely what today’s reds are doing with race.”― Paul Kengor

I will admit that If anything, BLM has a giant set of balls. A big fat dangling set of hypocritical balls. Cori Bush, a member of the squad who aligns herself with the domestic terror group BLM, is now calling for the expulsion of over 100 Republicans from Congress because they contested the electoral college and the capitol riot. And as could be predicted, it’s all due to white supremacy.

BLM, lowering the bar of stupidity to new levels said that, “It is not enough to denounce the white supremacy behind the attack. We must remove its endorsers from Congress — Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the over 100 Republicans who voted against certifying the electoral college.”

Now please, but isn’t this the same BLM that participated in riots for the last 8+ months with the cowards that make up ANTIFA? Still to this day, how many of those folks who support the violence of ANTIFA & BLM are the same people that feel the need to cry about Republicans and everything that they do?

The hypocrisy here is legendary. The fact that they continue to engage in violence and still have the unmitigated gall to accuse anyone of anything is stupefying.

But continue they will. They will scream racist and white supremacist until they are blue in the face and despite all evidence to the contrary.

I guess that it is easier to keep living a lie instead of facing the truth that they are race baiters and they subsist on ruining the lives of innocent people. 

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