Alyssa Milano Is At It Again…


Four things that can be guaranteed with a Biden presidency:

  1. Even though Trump will not be in office, TDS will not be going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. Liberal hypocrisy will increase ten fold.
  3. Liberal attempts to curtail our God given rights will start on day one.
  4. Alyssa Milano will never shut up.

Alyssa Milano, once a promising actress, has unfortunately gone the way of psychotic liberal wack job. Most of her rants, unfortunately, serve no purpose, make no sense, and her self righteous ramblings only make her look foolish.

So, what has she done now? We all know that nothing would please the left more than seeing a total ban on pretty much all weapons that are used for self defense or home protection. On 12/29, she tweeted the following: “Anti-maskers are the same people who think they need an AR-15 for ‘protection,’” “LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: A MASK WILL PROTECT YOU *MORE* THAN AN AR-15 WILL.”

I must be pretty dumb because how is that possible? Am I supposed to throw a mask at an intruder that has entered my home? Maybe a pile of masks? Or maybe a pile of masks after I have sneezed and coughed in them?

Once again, Milano has proven herself to be just another Hollyweird hypocrite who couldn’t possibly string together a coherent thought if you gave her the first four words. To equate protecting yourself, especially against one or more home invaders by using a mask is beyond irresponsible, it is intellectually retarded.

To anyone who knows rifles knows that an AR is a viable weapon that can be used to protect yourself and your family. But if it were up to Milano and her ilk, she would most certainly, as she does now, fight to take that right away from us.

What is it about owning weapons that irritates the left so much? Why do they believe that they hold the supreme decision making capability as to what kind of weapon I am allowed to own to protect what is mine?

Do I cling to my weapons? You bet I do. I do because I don’t want any smarmy leftist SJW’s to be anywhere near my weapons. They are in my home for a reason. And just to clarify, that reason is to protect the lives of the people and the property that I own in my home.

The single most simple answer that I can give all of you “anti gun” folks is that if you don’t like guns, don’t buy one. It is your prerogative as a citizen of the United States to either own, or to not own a weapon. With that said, you do not have the ability to moan and whine about my decision to protect my family.

So then what was she trying to prove with her incredibly misguided and quite frankly, stupid tweet? I wish I could answer the question, but I can’t. It is obvious, however, that she doesn’t put much thought into what she sends out into the public.

The hypocrisy of leftist actors and actresses who are in movies that have a proliferation of all kinds of guns should make anyone think twice about the truth and validity of anything that they say. But for some reason, people listen to these close minded fools and accept what they say as Gospel.

Looking at the next four years, those of us who cherish our freedom need to ensure that idiots like Milano don’t get anywhere near the 2nd Amendment. She doesn’t have the intellect to form a coherent argument against owning a weapon. She will always resort to how she feels about something instead of using facts to argue a position.

And that is seriously dangerous in itself.

The “Poverty Defense” Coming Soon To A City Near You

The hypocrisy of the left is absolutely astounding. With the cry of “defund the police” being shouted from the rooftops in our most liberal shithole cities, why is it that the very people crying for it end up calling the police when something happens, to them? Lisa Herbold, a Seattle city councilmember, has said she has ways in which she would like to defund the police. To add to that, she also wants make life easier for those charged with minor offenses by not charging them.

According to KTTH-AM radio host Jason Rantz, on December 11th, a rock was thrown through a living room window of Ms. Herbold’s home. She called the police and in its now redacted report, it states that, “she was on the west side of the living room near the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and dove into the kitchen for cover.”

A neighbor did see the suspect and described him as being “a clean-shaven white man in a black hoodie with jeans who was “unathletic and a bad runner.” Of course, when asked to follow up with the police, the neighbor refused.

The hypocrisy here knows no bounds. One of the laws that Ms. Herbold wants to have passed is known as the “poverty defense.” If passed, anyone who committed misdemeanors out of reasons of need would not be prosecuted. Really?

So, let’s say that you steal something from someone. You can then turn around and say, “I needed that to buy food for my family.” The DA would then not prosecute you based on the fact that you are poor and needed whatever it was so you could sell or pawn it. But will they really be using the money for food? I doubt it. As with many thieves, it will go to support a drug habit that the city can’t cure.

Herbold said in a presentation that, “It’s giving people an opportunity to tell their stories and giving judges and juries the opportunity to hear those stories and make a decision based on the values of our city.” I can only imagine that she is not the only wackjob in Washington State who thinks that this is a good idea.

To make an already unbelievably stupid story even more stupid, Rantz points out that Herbold’s legislation would also extend the same protections to those who were “experiencing symptoms of a behavioral health disorder” when they committed the crime. What?

So, was the Dec. 11 incident at Herbold’s home one of the cases that by her very own definition should not be prosecuted? I wonder. Actually, I don’t. I’m sure that I already know the answer to that question.

Even though Herbold wants a criminal investigation into this man, as would most sane individuals, she has a serious aversion to putting people in jail who are threats to society.

Let’s look at it for just a second. With this CHAZ/CHOP insanity over the summer, crime went up 500%. They overwhelmingly proved that they couldn’t police themselves. So, who then?

What is wrong with these leftist fools? Between defunding the police and making misdemeanors legal, you pretty much have a city where if you have an excuse that they will accept, then you get away with the crime. You don’t think that the human vermin that prey on the law abiding citizens of any city are going to figure all of this out?

Will they even arrest this excrement if a law abiding citizen calls them? Or will they not even waste the time?

Where does this leave us? Why are the decent citizens of this country left to fend for themselves over perceived and many times false claims of police brutality?

It is sickening and quite maddening.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have forced us into kowtowing to the radical left because they are too afraid to stand up to them. They don’t want to be called a racist and subsequently have their careers and livelihoods erased by the scum from ANTIFA, BLM and the rest of the radical left.

It is more than a little unfortunate that we are being held hostage by these brainless idiots. And that is exactly what it is. It is state sanctioned fascism from the left. The legal kidnapping of our very right to free speech and free choice.

The Left Is Morally Bankrupt. Case in Point: Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the First Lady.

One of the best things about the Trump presidency has been the fact that we now see the left for who they truly are. Once supposedly the party of peace and love, now all they are is hateful, spite filled people who resort to threats, intimidation, and violence if they don’t their way. They have been exposed, not even by the evil villians at Fox news, but by just opening their mouths and speaking.

Their hatred of Trump and his supporters is beyond the pale of good taste and civility. It is Trump Derangement syndrome times one hundred. And now the hatred and quite frankly the lies, have been spread to another media giant, Rush Limbaugh. The lefts delusional and vile comments about a man who may have days to weeks to live, is TDS supporter to the maximum.

Over the years I have listened to Rush on and off and never, ever heard the man utter a racist or misogynist comment. Once again, the left, whenever someone as powerful as Rush is in the media, speaks, people listen. And they just can’t stand it. So, they scream to the sky the talking points that were started right after Trump was elected in 2016. You know the ones I am talking about, racist, homophobe, misogynist, just to name a few.

So now the left finds themselves in a predicament. Being the party of peace and love, do we show any empathy or sympathy for this man of the right? Do we show him that despite our differences we can, for one brief second, come together and at the very least, acknowledge a career on the radio that has not been matched by anyone on the left?

No. The bottom feeders of the left, the same POS that declare that any and all Republicans should be investigated when Trump leaves office, have tweeted things like this:

Shannon Watts, of Moms Demand Action said, “Rush Limbaugh is a demagogue who got rich off of hate speech, division, lies and toxicity. I have compassion for anyone suffering from cancer, but despite his illness, Limbaugh just kept doubling down on his bet against democracy. His legacy is shameful. Good riddance.”

Another idiot named Charlotte Clymer tweeted, “Over his career, Rush Limbaugh has done incalculable and enduring damage to our democracy, our sense of national community, and the honor of our country. His disgusting bigotry and cynicism should have no place in the future. I’m glad he’s off the air. We’re the better for it.” She added, “Rush Limbaugh is a coward, a fraud, a fake, a stain, a white supremacist, a misogynist, but most of all: he’s quite simply pathetic. He’s weak. He’s a sad punk ass who has always taken the easy way in life. He’s aggressively mediocre, and he knows it. I’m happy he’s left radio.”

And to add insult to injury, David Weisman, one of the morons from the Lincoln Project vomited the following, “I have no empathy for Rush Limbaugh because of the harm he did to our country, conning millions of people including me with right wing propaganda, hate, racism, and sexism. I’m glad he’s not coming back on the air. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

My favorite, however, is this tweet written by Ricky Davila, that luckily included all of the left wing talking points, “Rush Limbaugh is a sexist, racist, misogynistic, hateful, bigoted, conspiracy theorist trash bin and is by far the most undeserving Medal of Freedom recipient in US history. His repugnant radio show ending right before Christmas is a wonderful gift to the world. Good riddance.”

Now I do not believe for one second that any of these miscreants have ever listened for more than an hour (maybe) of Rush’s show. I have no doubt they heard snippets, or just some commentary about his show from a left wing libtard, and went with that.

In all of the hours that I did listen to his show, I can tell you that his arguments against the lefts insanity were well thought out and based on facts. Just because the lefts debating skills always devolve into calling everyone a racist or misogynist, doesn’t make you right, it shows how intellectually and morally deficient you are.

So once again, proof is put forward that the left has no intention of “unifying” the country. They can’t even look at the damage that Obama and Biden did during that disastrous administration and continue to this day to ignore ANTIFA and BLM for being the hate groups that they are.

At this point, the left is indeed morally bankrupt. Look at the posts that I have written with clear cut examples showing the violence and the hate filled rhetoric that we have had to listen to for what is now 12+ years. The left has an awful gift of being able to put on blinders and then refusing to acknowledge the depraved acts of their own party.

But what these and other idiots like them don’t get, is that an entirely new and much younger group of Conservatives have already started making their mark and will continue to do so for many, many years to come. It is unfortunate that the left has already branded them with their own special kind of stupidity.

With all of that said, I consider my self lucky. I don’t have to pretend to like the left or the way that they treat the right. I am not a politician so I don’t have to be diplomatic in how I present my posts. I can tell it like it is. Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t going anywhere fast and from what we have seen with Slow Joe, I don’t think I will have a shortage in material that I can write about.

God Bless Rush Limbaugh nd his family and I know that I personally can thank him for all of the years of great radio that he gave me.

As for the left, you can fuck off.

Shakedown At Dalton

Wow…The stupidity of the radical left has no boundaries. SJW’s are absolutely out of their minds and this post will prove that. At the Dalton school, a private school in NYC, where it costs $55,000 a year to send your kid there, is now being bullied and blackmailed if they don’t bow to the demands of over 100 radical faculty.

Are you ready for this? This is what they are demanding. I hope that you are reading this on an empty stomach.

  • The hiring of twelve (!) full time diversity officers
  • An additional full time employee whose “entire role is to support Black students who come forward with complaints.”
  • Hiring of multiple psychologists with “specialization on the psychological issues affecting ethnic minority populations.”
  • Pay off student debt of incoming black faculty
  • Re-route 50% of all donations to NYC public schools
  • Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white
  • Required courses on “Black liberation”
  • Reduced tuition for black students whose photographs appear in school promotional materials
  • Public “anti-racism” statements required from all employees
  • Mandatory “Community and Diversity Days” to be held “throughout the year”
  • Required anti-bias training to be conducted every year for all staff and parent volunteers
  • Mandatory minority representation in (otherwise elective) student leadership roles
  • Mandatory diversity plot lines in school plays
  • Overhaul of entire curriculum to reflect diversity narratives

All of this at one of NYC’s most progressive schools. These “demands” are not only ludicrous, they are crazy. Who do these SJW’s think they are? If the school caves to these demands, it would cost them millions of dollars to do so. Granted, it is a private school, and I am sure that they have money that they don’t touch, but that isn’t the point.

What these morons are doing is bullying the school to buy into this idiotic “anti-racism” nonsense that seems to be pervasive even in many of our public schools these days. Required classes on Black Liberation? How about courses on the stupidity of todays left wing activists? I mean really, mandatory diversity plot lines in school plays? Overhauling the ENTIRE curriculum to reflect diversity narratives?

These wack-jobs are truly out of their minds.

If the school had any yarbles, even though they are more than likely very progressive, they would fire every idiot that signed that “manifesto.” Get rid of all of the rabble and hire teachers that would be happy to teach at such a school. I am pretty sure that they don’t have the discipline issues that I had in the Bronx when I taught in NYC.

The other problem with these nut cases is they feel that all of this is owed to them. Pay off your student loans? Are you kidding me? These demands read as if a bunch of fifth graders got together to protest that they can’t go outside for recess. But why do they think they can get away with actions like this? Because the left allows it.

It’s funny how they scream about oppression and the fallacy of systemic racism when they blatantly ignore the fact that many African countries still practice slavery to this day. Instead of making yourself look foolish and protesting for criminals, who in a majority of cases were resisting arrest when they got shot, and protest those countries. Have you even bothered to look at and understand the statistics that show more unarmed white people are shot and killed by the police every year than blacks? Maybe, just maybe then you might be taken seriously.

Instead, what they are now doing is not doing anything to promote any kind of unity. If you want anyone on the right to buy into what you are selling, first of all you have to tell the truth instead of spreading these race lies. Everyone knows as well as I do that when you “demand” that people do things, you are going to get a great deal of blowback. In these cases, it is well deserved. Who in their right mind is going to make a public “anti-racism” statement. It defies logic and is just plain stupid.

One parent did say to the NY Post that, “The school is more focused on virtue-signaling this nonsense than it is in actually helping students of color…More parents are going to be pulling their kids out.”

The school did respond, and it was with the same characteristic nonsense one would expect just before they decide to appease these mindless radicals:

“The school does not support all the language or actions it contains…Dalton’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism is grounded in our deep appreciation for the dignity of all community members, an understanding of differing life backgrounds, empathy for one another, and the ability to engage and listen with respect across differences.”

But they will cave to the radicals before they really start calling us names.

Let’s hope that the school sees this for what it is, a shakedown of a wealthy private school.

If You Need A Reason To Defend The 2nd Amendment, Here It Is

“A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.”-Rep. Allen West

“A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.”-Frederick Douglass

The following post is all the evidence you will need to want to arm yourself to be able protect yourself from a violent home intrusion. On December 9th it was reported that, “St. Tammany sheriff’s deputies are investigating a double homicide in Lacombe in which two of four of the armed intruders were killed. The homeowner’s four-year-old daughter was also struck by a bullet in the crossfire.”
According to sources, the homeowner was first pistol whipped by one of the pieces of excrement at which time the homeowner became involved in a gunfight with the four men. That is when the two dirt bags were killed.
Fortunately, the four year old girl was operated on and will make a full recovery.
But what if he hadn’t been armed? Would the situation have turned out much differently? Would the homeowner and the young girl be dead instead?
Thankfully, we still have our 2nd Amendment Rights to protect us from human garbage like this. That is why we need to continue the fight to make sure that our right to bear arms isn’t diminished or taken away. That means saying no to taxing weapons we already own and registering them with the federal government. That also means saying no to any type of gun buy-back “program.” As I have made quite clear, the ultimate goal of the left is to take our guns.
Don’t let anyone tell you any different. The left sees every gun owner as a mass shooter and those lies just play to the feelings of the left. I can not find any statistics that would warrant any type of gun restrictions so severe that would impede lawful gun owners from doing just that, owning a gun without interference from the Federal, State or Local governments.
All of this other nonsense is just a distraction and a first step to what they really want.
But please, above all else, make sure that you are aware of your states self defense laws in the event that something bad happens in your home. You don’t want to be the victim twice if you ever have to defend yourself.

Crazy, Stupid and Delusional

Crazy AND stupid

Hillary Clinton can not be this stupid. In response to Slow Joe’s campaign manager commenting that the right are a “bunch of fuckers,” she tweeted, “People who stood by Donald Trump for the last four years are now claiming to be offended that a Democratic campaign manager used a curse word? I don’t think so.”

No stupid. It isn’t the use of the word “fuckers.” It is the fact that she referred to half of the population as fuckers after Slow Joe has been crowing since election day about unity.

I think at this point that Hillary Clinton may be the most out of touch person in the country. It’s no wonder that she lost in 2016 (yes Hillary, you lost). The fact remains that she has never been able to connect with anyone outside of her base. This has been an issue since she was the first lady. Remember this one from when Bill was running for President? “You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.” Out of touch doesn’t even begin to describe it.

If anyone on the right actually believes that any part of the left wants unity with us, I would suggest that you seek some serious psychological help.

It is all a ruse, a sham, and a really bad attempt for them to cover up for their disgusting behavior over the last four years. The many millions of dollars wasted, time lost, and lives ruined by the untold number of lies that they floated to the American public.

So, please, Hillary and the rest of the left, don’t pretend that you want to work with the right. Every day we see how you are. Not through just your words, but your actions as well.  

We Have Learned A Great Deal During Trump’s Presidency

“If you’re shameless enough you can sell anything.”-Ryan Holiday

“If you are proud for bad reasons, shame waits around the corner”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana

Besides all of the good things that Trump has accomplished in his four years, we have also learned many valuable things about the left in our country. During his tenure as President, we have learned that the left has a vocal and palpable hatred of anyone who doesn’t agree with what they believe. Obviously, I am referring to the right. I have written about this before, but even over the course of the last week, more wack jobs from the left have made statements that should make even their own party cringe, but they won’t.

First you had Biden’s new Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff referring to the right as a “bunch of fuckers.” After that bout of verbal diarrhea, her apology consisted of her saying that she could have chosen different words to use. I never thought in my life that I would quote Captain Lee from Below Deck Mediterranean, but he tells his staff, “Apologies are for the person apologizing. I want to see actions.” We all know that the sincerity level of her apology hovered between idiotic and non existent, but in the world of the left, it was perfectly acceptable.

Next, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is suggesting to the big tech guys that all Conservative celebrities should be censored on their platforms. He says that since he is a student of history, he knows what he is talking about and should be listened to. So, he is telling us that as a student of history ,it is ok to censor views he doesn’t agree with? Sounds kind of like Germany in the 1930’s to me.

What else have we learned about the left? We have learned that they just won’t go away. Whether they lose or are just out of office, they always have something to say, whether their input was asked for or not. This includes both Obama’s, the Clinton’s, and all of the FBI idiots who lost their jobs because they were corrupt.

We have also become aware that they can not accept losing. Now before you go off on a rant about Trump, he has a Constitutional right to challenge what were obvious irregularities. At this point, the electoral college has spoken, and Slow Joe is the President elect. To add insult to injury, I just received a notification that Trump overwhelmingly won a county in Michigan that was said to be a victory for Slow Joe.
Hillary on the other hand, still, to this day believes that she should be President. It has literally been four years! Should we instead be focusing on her cognitive issues instead of Slow Joe’s? I wonder.

As I have said before, I never expected the level of malfeasance to be where it would change the election, but rather to point out that the left has to cheat to win. My point being, if they only cheated a little, then who is to believe that it couldn’t be more widespread?

Moving on, we have learned that the left will use violence in an attempt to, well, I’m not exactly sure of the logic behind destroying your own communities. What is the message behind an entire summer full of violence and looting? Isn’t it miraculous that after election day, the rioting we saw every day pretty much ended? Why is that?

And then we have BLM. I have written extensively on this hate group and once again, on Saturday 12/12, BLM targeted an older white woman on a bicycle and let it be known she wasn’t wanted in the area of DC she was in. “Fuck you, white lady” they shouted. “Fuck you and your grandchildren” they added as they got within inches of her. Luckily, the police moved in and saved her from these lawless pieces of excrement. How exactly is that helping anyone?

Even though we already knew it, we also learned that the media are the bitches of the left. From demeaning everyone on the right to not reporting the idiocy of the left, they have already shifted to fellating Joe with every interview he does. Now if that doesn’t help demean the office of the presidency, I don’t know what does. The saddest thing about it all? Slow Joe can’t even effectively hit the softballs that are tossed to him every day.

I can only imagine that over the next four years Biden and the left will blame every single failure on Trump. Although it will all be wishful thinking, they will do it anyway. Especially when the Hunter/Slow Joe’s legal quandaries hit a peak. They will then be screaming about everything under the sun to deflect away from what is an actual conspiracy and not a made up one that has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars.

Overall, the left has shown the nation that they are shameless in their quest for power. They will say and do anything to get power and keep it. Truly despicable.

Free Speech In Education? Not For The Right…

Amendment I:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


A school system led by a dictator (superintendent) having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism.

Does it really surprise any of you that a teacher has been fired for her Facebook posts in South Carolina? We now live in a country where if you don’t follow the left lock step, you will be canceled, one way or another. What exactly did she post that angered the fascist school district she works in to the point where they would fire her? Apparently Mardrette Kemp, the teacher, was not a fan of BLM, as many others are not. They have proven time and again that unless you believe every piece of filth filled rhetoric that they spew then you are of course a racist. They are prone to violence and will riot, for what? They consistently destroy their own neighborhoods. How smart is that?

So, Ms. Kemp posted, “hahahahahahaha” over a picture that said, “Fuck George Floyd and fuck Jacob Blake too” as well as, “Fuck Black Lives Matter.”

She also posted a meme that questioned, “Wonder if BLM is headed to Louisiana to help Blacks affected by Hurricane Laura.”

Now, the posts, when taken at face value are just stupid. I don’t see anything racist in anything that she said. It is, however, troubling that someone could be fired for writing something like this. Do we still have a right to free speech? Was there anything threatening in her posts? I didn’t see or read anything that called for riots, arson or looting, unlike our friends on the left.

But she was still fired. The district released the following statement:


As usual with the liberal fascists, they take this and immediately play the race card. It is unfortunate, but this kind of stupidity is being played out in districts across the nation. Teachers in other states have been arrested for participating with ANTIFA in riots and did not lose their jobs.

One thing I can guarantee you is that if I had a list of every teacher in that district and I went and looked at their Facebook pages, I bet you I would read some interesting posts about Trump supporters. Do you think that these teachers were even spoken to? Of course, I cannot say definitively no, but let’s be realistic. You are not allowed to think or say anything that does not align with the left.

To further illustrate my point, I worked in a district that was as fascist as this one. Now, before I continue, let me say that I am in no way bitter about my 21 years in the Ossining UFSD. I had a good career there, but I am also glad it is over. The last three years were a literal living hell. So, if anyone from Ossining reads this, I am not disgruntled, just telling the truth.

In my former district, most of the teachers are progressive liberals and don’t even try to be impartial. They encourage this BLM nonsense without any repercussions from the administration. As a matter of fact, it was openly encouraged by the administration. BLM and the false idea of White Privilege is openly promoted and some (not all) teachers engage in discussions with their classes concerning this BS. If I had tried to have a discussion with any class that I had that was pro Trump or anti-BLM, I would have been spoken to by the administration. That is a fact.

Now, before I left the high school for the last time in December 2019, I was also brought before a central administrator two times. One for Facebook posts that I had made and the other to sit there and have the head of human resources accuse me of faking my Congestive Heart Failure. Three weeks after that meeting I had a heart attack…

In regards to the Facebook posts, I was under the impression that the First Amendment actually existed in the workplace. Sad to say, I was way wrong on that one. You see, the district needed a new Special Education administrator and I posted, “Who in their right mind would take that job?”  A perfectly legitimate question based on the how the administration treats people in this district. Along with that I had a cactus giving the middle finger and I referred to it as my spirit tree. I still do. To add to this merriment, I off handedly referred to the administration as “Fucktards.” Accurate to a fault but not appreciated.

To make a long story short, I was called in and told that administrators at the Central Level (not building) thought that based on my Facebook posts, I was a threat to the building that I had worked in for 20 years. Luckily, I belonged to a union who stood up for me and defended me against that ridiculous statement.

The most ludicrous response during this entire meeting was when the administrator turned to me and said (with a straight face), “Can you tell me what a Fucktard is?” Really???

So, who are the real fascists? Unfortunately, it is the administrators. They hold no regard for the Constitution because if they did, ALL viewpoints would be encouraged in the classroom. But based on the fact that they also kowtow to all of the parents and are afraid of them, they don’t want anyone to make waves. It is much easier to punish someone for telling the truth than for them to get a set of yarbles and defend your staff. Nobody appreciates a pussy. And pussies they are.

My point then to my Conservative colleagues everywhere then is this-Don’t say anything that could get you in trouble. Know that your ability to say anything that goes against what the SJW’s, Speech Police and Cancel Culture morons say is non-existent. Being on the right in a majority of school districts in this country means that you are basically a non-entity, a persona non grata.

This also goes for all of the social media platforms. Don’t post anything that could be misconstrued as anything but unicorns and happiness. Because if you state the truth, especially about Slow Joe, Kamala Harris, ANTIFA or BLM, the fascist folks who run your district will come down on you faster than a swarm of flies competing for a pile of shit.

I also worry about the kids in any high school who lean to the right politically. As you can well imagine, they are branded as racist, homophobes and transphobes. I know for a fact that some Conservative students were told to to just not say anything controversial. This after being called a racist.

What are these kids on the left going to do when they leave the bubble of high school and encounter some real racism? They will crumble.

Our education system over the last several years has slowly turned into a liberal cesspool. A fetid, foul stinking mess of libtard nonsense. I have no reason or reasonable expectation to think that our schools will ever change to allow a true diversity of thought.

Think about it. How sad you must be to never allow a dissenting thought or differing opinion to cross your path.

(I also just wanted to let you know that if I have somehow managed to offend anyone with the truth in this post, you are then by definition, a Fucktard.)