Anyone Want To Take Bets On This One?

The hypocrisy of the left is incredibly unbelievable. I wasn’t aware of this, but former presidents can still receive intelligence briefings from the current president if the current one makes the decision to do so. Now I’m pretty sure that in the end, Slow Joe will choose not to give anything to Trump, fearing the backlash that he will get from the lemmings in his party.

But what struck me odd about this story was the reason why they might not give him access to intelligence information.

Former principal deputy director of national intelligence, Sue Gordon, wrote an op-ed arguing against sharing such information with Trump once he has left the presidency. Are you ready for this one? This hits the hypocrisy scale squarely at a 10+.

Now before I reveal the reason, just remember Biden and his son Hunter. The missing laptop and the payoff of millions of dollars to “the big guy” (aka Slow Joe Biden).

She said the former president “might be unusually vulnerable to bad actors with ill intent,” citing, among other things, his business interests abroad.

Whoa….hold on a second Nelly. Trump might be vulnerable? What about a sitting president with a corrupt son? What about giving intelligence briefings to a man who is clearly has cognitive issues and is also a part of the same corruption his son is?

The truth of the matter is they just want one more chance to embarrass the soon to be former president.

Sickening and shameful.