Why The Right Hates The MSM And Will Continue To Do So For Four More Years

In just a few short days, the presidency of Donald Trump will end. If the left does what they want, it will be sooner rather than later, but as with the first impeachment, I don’t think they will have the votes. As I have said many times in my posts, we literally have half of the country that based their latest vote on how they feel about Trump and not on any objective measures.

Now that his four years are done, I can also say again that I have now been a racist, homophobe, transphobe and misogynist for twenty years. Since Biden has already played the race card several times, this now means I will have to add another four years to that total.

Of course, I don’t believe that I am any of those things, but then again, that’s just my white privilege talking.

Unfortunately for those of us on the right, the left believes that they have the right to brand anyone based on absolutely nothing.  

Who then is complicit in this idiocy? Since the day when Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower five years ago, the MSM, Hollyweird and the entire left has done absolutely everything they could to demean, belittle, insult and lie about the president. The left spent three years pushing the lie of Russian interference in the 2016 election. For what? They knew that it was impossible to find him guilty, but they impeached him anyway. To show you how bad it is, Hillary still thinks she won.

Now, I will tell you that that I have never been a big fan of the texting and I know that I am not the only one. I certainly think that it is not something a president should be doing.

But what is a hundred times worse than the texting is the way that the media treated Trump from day one. Was it Trump’s fault that no president in the past ever bothered to question the MSM? Especially when they are spreading lies about you on a daily basis?

Part of the answer to this question of course is it depends on who the president is. In the case of Obama, the media did nothing but stroke his ego (among other things) for eight years. No difficult questions. All softballs. And if he ever gave an answer that was questionable, the media would simply ignore it. President Trump was never afforded that courtesy. Never. Ever.

Despite the large number of press conferences and opportunities to ask questions, they were always hostile towards the president. The confusing thing to me is that they would get angry when he would not respond and then give them the same dose of shit back that they had given him. They expected him to just shut up and take it. That’s not why we elected Trump.

We elected Trump as an answer to the common politicians that currently inhabit the cesspool of Washington, DC. And that is the vermin in both parties.

But here we are. Despite what the left says, his presidency has been reasonably successful, despite all of the attempts by the left to spin it otherwise. But as we move forward, watch how the MSM has already reacted to Slow Joe and watch yet again as they treat him like the demented old man that he is. This is a guy that ran for president from his basement and they never questioned him about it. The numerous times he forgot where he was, or couldn’t formulate a sentence to save his life. All ignored.

This, of course, will continue. He and Kamala will be asked questions that have no bearing on anything. We will have to listen to Harris’ cackle and her made up stories. With the exception of FOX and OAN, we will never, ever get to see as Slow Joe’s mental acuity declines to that of a five year old. Instead of taking responsibility for the mess that they will undoubtedly make, the entire left will blame Trump for everything that way that Obama blamed Bush for everything the first six years of his presidency.

So, strap in get ready all of my friends on the right. We are going to see a totally different MSM and left. They will openly and with no shame be fellating Joe with reckless abandon. It will infuriate you and make you wonder how two presidents could be treated so differently, but do you really expect anything less?

All they will do over the course of the next four years is further prove why the right hates the media.

Which Party Are Really The New Nazi’s? Sorry Folks, Not The Right.

With the election of Slow Joe, you know that this was only a matter of time. Even though it has been mentioned since election day, more calls will be coming for it now that the left believes that they have supreme power.

Rick Klein, the ABC News political director “Calls for ‘Cleansing’ of Trump Supporters in Wake of Capitol Incursion.”

He said in a tweet the other day that, “Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.” Being the coward that he is, when he began receiving backlash for the tweet, he deleted it. Sorry Rick, the second you hit send, you were screwed.

Others have called for Trump supporters to be “re-educated.” Re-educated from what? Standing up for what you believe in? Actually being able to form a coherent thought that doesn’t involve the words racist, homophobe, transphobe and misogynist?

The left has some very real difficulties remembering that the internet is forever and that everything they say is out there for eternity. Even the garbage you spew that you believe is deleted can still be found.

I find it truly disturbing and disgusting that no one on the left has an issue with this. When you use the word cleansing in this context it pretty much sounds like you are calling for a genocide. What do you want to do, exterminate all 75 million Trump voters?

What makes this even worse than it appears is the simple fact that the left took months to condemn the violence that ANTIFA and BLM have been a part of since the spring. Burning down sections of cities, attacking innocent people as they walked down the street, and attacking police officers.

Here are is an example from Fredo Cuomo: “Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” Johnny Depp called for the assassination Trump. Robert DeNiro and countless others have said that he should be punched in the face along with his supporters.

Where is the outrage here? Where are the people condemning Nancy Pelosi for all of her comments? And let’s not forget Maxine Waters who said that the left should get in the face of every Republican no matter where they were.

Don Lemon said white men were the biggest threat to our republic. Sorry Don, it’s idiots like you on the left who undermine our constitution on a daily basis.

And finally, Twitter has permanently banned the President. Did it do the same to the ANTIFA and BLM scumbags that rioted for months? Of course not.

Look at the direction our country is heading. For those of us on the right who actually believe in the constitution, we are in deep trouble. “The First Amendment for me and not for thee.”

So, when you objectively look at all of the acts of violence that call for the Trump supporters to be harmed and now “cleansed,” who is really the new Nazi Party? Who are the fascists who don’t allow dissenting thought? Not the right. Not by a longshot. It is the feeble minded and quite frankly the mindless sheep on the left who, on a daily basis, ignore everything that their people say and do.

Who are the real threats to our republic?

Please, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Hypocrites And Liars

“How can we possibly tell millions of Americans who registered to vote, who came to the polls in record numbers, particularly our young people …to simply get over it and move on?” Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D) (2005)

The hypocrisy here is mind boggling.

In 2005 after G.W. Bush won re-election, some folks on the left were concerned over the vote. They said they had found, “alleging widespread “irregularities” on Election Day, and that a group of Democrats in Congress objected to the counting of Ohio’s 20 electoral votes.

What???? Doesn’t this sound a little familiar? The article goes on to say that, “The move was not designed to overturn Bush’s re-election, said Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who filed the objection. The objecting Democrats, all of whom are House members except Boxer, said they wanted to draw attention to the need for aggressive election reform in the wake of what they said were widespread voter problems.”

You don’t say. Hasn’t the left figured out that with the internet, nothing goes away, ever? (see the link below)

They did the same exact thing that Trump is doing now. Nothing more, nothing less. Now that I see this, the credibility of the left has sank even further into the toilet. Hypocritical left good, orange man bad. It’s enough to make you sick.

So how is it that the left can be so blind as to their own hypocrisy? If it didn’t happen on such a regular basis, I would laugh at it, but I can’t. At this point it is beyond sad.

The left has devolved to a point where they absolutely believe their own bullshit 100% of the time. And since they have the entire mainstream media stroking their fragile egos, they, in turn believe that the American people also believe the shit that they spew. Unfortunately, many do.

Obviously, our election system is broken. But the left continues to prove over and over that they do not care about fair elections. Even if only one dead person votes, it is a travesty. If all of the people that voted twice only did so once, or they didn’t allow the voter registrations to count that were obviously fraudulent, maybe, just maybe we would see a fair elections.

Yes, it is true that they might not have found enough evidence to overturn the election, but moving forward, who in their right mind is going to trust the left when it comes to any election?

Hypocrites and liars, the whole bunch.


The Left Is Morally Bankrupt. Case in Point: Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the First Lady.

One of the best things about the Trump presidency has been the fact that we now see the left for who they truly are. Once supposedly the party of peace and love, now all they are is hateful, spite filled people who resort to threats, intimidation, and violence if they don’t their way. They have been exposed, not even by the evil villians at Fox news, but by just opening their mouths and speaking.

Their hatred of Trump and his supporters is beyond the pale of good taste and civility. It is Trump Derangement syndrome times one hundred. And now the hatred and quite frankly the lies, have been spread to another media giant, Rush Limbaugh. The lefts delusional and vile comments about a man who may have days to weeks to live, is TDS supporter to the maximum.

Over the years I have listened to Rush on and off and never, ever heard the man utter a racist or misogynist comment. Once again, the left, whenever someone as powerful as Rush is in the media, speaks, people listen. And they just can’t stand it. So, they scream to the sky the talking points that were started right after Trump was elected in 2016. You know the ones I am talking about, racist, homophobe, misogynist, just to name a few.

So now the left finds themselves in a predicament. Being the party of peace and love, do we show any empathy or sympathy for this man of the right? Do we show him that despite our differences we can, for one brief second, come together and at the very least, acknowledge a career on the radio that has not been matched by anyone on the left?

No. The bottom feeders of the left, the same POS that declare that any and all Republicans should be investigated when Trump leaves office, have tweeted things like this:

Shannon Watts, of Moms Demand Action said, “Rush Limbaugh is a demagogue who got rich off of hate speech, division, lies and toxicity. I have compassion for anyone suffering from cancer, but despite his illness, Limbaugh just kept doubling down on his bet against democracy. His legacy is shameful. Good riddance.”

Another idiot named Charlotte Clymer tweeted, “Over his career, Rush Limbaugh has done incalculable and enduring damage to our democracy, our sense of national community, and the honor of our country. His disgusting bigotry and cynicism should have no place in the future. I’m glad he’s off the air. We’re the better for it.” She added, “Rush Limbaugh is a coward, a fraud, a fake, a stain, a white supremacist, a misogynist, but most of all: he’s quite simply pathetic. He’s weak. He’s a sad punk ass who has always taken the easy way in life. He’s aggressively mediocre, and he knows it. I’m happy he’s left radio.”

And to add insult to injury, David Weisman, one of the morons from the Lincoln Project vomited the following, “I have no empathy for Rush Limbaugh because of the harm he did to our country, conning millions of people including me with right wing propaganda, hate, racism, and sexism. I’m glad he’s not coming back on the air. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

My favorite, however, is this tweet written by Ricky Davila, that luckily included all of the left wing talking points, “Rush Limbaugh is a sexist, racist, misogynistic, hateful, bigoted, conspiracy theorist trash bin and is by far the most undeserving Medal of Freedom recipient in US history. His repugnant radio show ending right before Christmas is a wonderful gift to the world. Good riddance.”

Now I do not believe for one second that any of these miscreants have ever listened for more than an hour (maybe) of Rush’s show. I have no doubt they heard snippets, or just some commentary about his show from a left wing libtard, and went with that.

In all of the hours that I did listen to his show, I can tell you that his arguments against the lefts insanity were well thought out and based on facts. Just because the lefts debating skills always devolve into calling everyone a racist or misogynist, doesn’t make you right, it shows how intellectually and morally deficient you are.

So once again, proof is put forward that the left has no intention of “unifying” the country. They can’t even look at the damage that Obama and Biden did during that disastrous administration and continue to this day to ignore ANTIFA and BLM for being the hate groups that they are.

At this point, the left is indeed morally bankrupt. Look at the posts that I have written with clear cut examples showing the violence and the hate filled rhetoric that we have had to listen to for what is now 12+ years. The left has an awful gift of being able to put on blinders and then refusing to acknowledge the depraved acts of their own party.

But what these and other idiots like them don’t get, is that an entirely new and much younger group of Conservatives have already started making their mark and will continue to do so for many, many years to come. It is unfortunate that the left has already branded them with their own special kind of stupidity.

With all of that said, I consider my self lucky. I don’t have to pretend to like the left or the way that they treat the right. I am not a politician so I don’t have to be diplomatic in how I present my posts. I can tell it like it is. Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t going anywhere fast and from what we have seen with Slow Joe, I don’t think I will have a shortage in material that I can write about.

God Bless Rush Limbaugh nd his family and I know that I personally can thank him for all of the years of great radio that he gave me.

As for the left, you can fuck off.

We Have Learned A Great Deal During Trump’s Presidency

“If you’re shameless enough you can sell anything.”-Ryan Holiday

“If you are proud for bad reasons, shame waits around the corner”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana

Besides all of the good things that Trump has accomplished in his four years, we have also learned many valuable things about the left in our country. During his tenure as President, we have learned that the left has a vocal and palpable hatred of anyone who doesn’t agree with what they believe. Obviously, I am referring to the right. I have written about this before, but even over the course of the last week, more wack jobs from the left have made statements that should make even their own party cringe, but they won’t.

First you had Biden’s new Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff referring to the right as a “bunch of fuckers.” After that bout of verbal diarrhea, her apology consisted of her saying that she could have chosen different words to use. I never thought in my life that I would quote Captain Lee from Below Deck Mediterranean, but he tells his staff, “Apologies are for the person apologizing. I want to see actions.” We all know that the sincerity level of her apology hovered between idiotic and non existent, but in the world of the left, it was perfectly acceptable.

Next, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is suggesting to the big tech guys that all Conservative celebrities should be censored on their platforms. He says that since he is a student of history, he knows what he is talking about and should be listened to. So, he is telling us that as a student of history ,it is ok to censor views he doesn’t agree with? Sounds kind of like Germany in the 1930’s to me.

What else have we learned about the left? We have learned that they just won’t go away. Whether they lose or are just out of office, they always have something to say, whether their input was asked for or not. This includes both Obama’s, the Clinton’s, and all of the FBI idiots who lost their jobs because they were corrupt.

We have also become aware that they can not accept losing. Now before you go off on a rant about Trump, he has a Constitutional right to challenge what were obvious irregularities. At this point, the electoral college has spoken, and Slow Joe is the President elect. To add insult to injury, I just received a notification that Trump overwhelmingly won a county in Michigan that was said to be a victory for Slow Joe.
Hillary on the other hand, still, to this day believes that she should be President. It has literally been four years! Should we instead be focusing on her cognitive issues instead of Slow Joe’s? I wonder.

As I have said before, I never expected the level of malfeasance to be where it would change the election, but rather to point out that the left has to cheat to win. My point being, if they only cheated a little, then who is to believe that it couldn’t be more widespread?

Moving on, we have learned that the left will use violence in an attempt to, well, I’m not exactly sure of the logic behind destroying your own communities. What is the message behind an entire summer full of violence and looting? Isn’t it miraculous that after election day, the rioting we saw every day pretty much ended? Why is that?

And then we have BLM. I have written extensively on this hate group and once again, on Saturday 12/12, BLM targeted an older white woman on a bicycle and let it be known she wasn’t wanted in the area of DC she was in. “Fuck you, white lady” they shouted. “Fuck you and your grandchildren” they added as they got within inches of her. Luckily, the police moved in and saved her from these lawless pieces of excrement. How exactly is that helping anyone?

Even though we already knew it, we also learned that the media are the bitches of the left. From demeaning everyone on the right to not reporting the idiocy of the left, they have already shifted to fellating Joe with every interview he does. Now if that doesn’t help demean the office of the presidency, I don’t know what does. The saddest thing about it all? Slow Joe can’t even effectively hit the softballs that are tossed to him every day.

I can only imagine that over the next four years Biden and the left will blame every single failure on Trump. Although it will all be wishful thinking, they will do it anyway. Especially when the Hunter/Slow Joe’s legal quandaries hit a peak. They will then be screaming about everything under the sun to deflect away from what is an actual conspiracy and not a made up one that has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars.

Overall, the left has shown the nation that they are shameless in their quest for power. They will say and do anything to get power and keep it. Truly despicable.

How Quickly They Forget

It is always nice to see how quickly the left forget the actions of their own party when only four years has passed. It almost seems as though they haven’t quite figured out that our news cycles run 24/7 and anything that is put online is now for public viewing forever.

The left claims that the President is harming our democracy by challenging voter irregularities in several states. As I have stated before, I don’t believe that the issue at this point is declaring Trump the winner, I think that the a bigger picture needs to be examined. What is that you might ask?

We know that the left pretty much cheat during every election. They did this through ACORN, through forged voter registrations, people voting more than once and by having dead people vote. In some areas, voting when dead is actually a rite of passage. Then they feign righteous indignation and slip into denial when they are caught. More so, the corrupt and incredibly biased media covers for them. We have seen proof of this already.

So, the left continues shrieking that Trump is undermining our democracy. How convenient it is for them to forget that they worked overtime trying to get the folks who cast their votes for the Electoral College to actually change their votes from Trump to Billary in 2016.

Now I know that you guys on the left will say that no such thing ever happened, but here is some proof:

Sharon Geise, from Mesa, Arizona, said that starting on election day she began receiving emails telling her to change her vote. “They just keep coming and coming.”  She believes she has received more than 50,000 emails since the election. “They’re overpowering my iPad.”…The NY Post reported that “Republican Patricia Allen of Tennessee said she’s been bombarded with 2,000 emails, 120 letters and five phone calls all urging her to switch and vote against Trump. But Allen, 74, said that despite the “siege,” she’s not budging.”

As we have come to learn over the years during Trump’s administration the left has no problem threatening people with physical harm if they don’t bow to their insane demands. Michael Banerian, the youth vice-chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, said he has been threatened with violence. He said, “I’ve had people talk about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth. I’ve had death wishes or people just saying, ‘I hope you die’ and, ‘do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus.’”

Even with direct evidence of their hypocrisy, they will nevertheless continue to embarrass themselves by pretending that nothing of the kind happened in 2016. They will continue to yell and stamp their feet with the same ferocity as a five year old who has been denied a second piece of Thanksgiving pie.  

So please, save us all the faux anger and let the process run its course.