Pelosi-Loathsome, Crazy, Hypocrite

Nancy Pelosi is truly a loathsome human being. Over the years she has done some disgusting things but this, without a doubt, could be the worst. While people are suffering across the entire country, either with the virus or economically, she made a conscious decision to let her TDS play politics with her fellow Americans well being.

She now appears to want to approve a smaller aid bill than the Republicans put forth over the summer and the reason why is astounding and truly mind boggling. Crazy Nancy actually said that, “Perhaps you missed what I said earlier: Joe Biden pledged to crush the virus … and a vaccine, an answer to our prayers.” As if that wasn’t enough, she doubled down and told a reporter, “A new president and a vaccine.” A vaccine, mind you, that Slow Joe and the democrats had absolutely nothing to do with.

When another reporter actually had the gall to question her as to the reason why she waited, Nancy didn’t hold back. Her reply was typical Nancy, arrogant and lacking in any type of self awareness,”Don’t characterize what we did before as a mistake,” she shot back. “That was not a mistake, it was a decision, and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say, considerations in the legislation.”  

It’s bad enough that the people of California keep her in Washington, but the sadder fact is people in her own party don’t seem to ever want to question anything that she says or does. I am quite sure that at some point she will strangle a puppy, bbq it on live tv and then blame Trump. Every day, regular people in the democrat party also ignore the likes of her, such as Chucky Schumer and AOC so they can advance the insanity of progressivism and the destruction that it brings. Just take a look at every democrat controlled state and city. All disasters.

And with all of that she is still speaker of the house.

In my mind this tells me that the democrat party just follow the mindless drones, even if it is down the rabbit hole.

So, as we are seeing now, Pelosi has decided that her hatred of President Trump over rides any attempt to help the Americans that that are currently suffering, have been suffering and will continue to suffer. And yet she will be the one screaming that Republicans are the ones playing politics during the Harris/Biden administration.

I started this piece by saying that Pelosi is a loathsome human being. Her unwillingness to show any type of compassion for the American people during the most difficult times are nation has seen in the last 50 years makes no sense to me. As far as I can see, she is out to serve only one person, herself.

To digress for one second, think about the next four years. How many of those years will the democrats blame Trump for their failures? As with Obama, Harris/Biden will not take responsibility for any detrimental actions that they take against us, the people of the Unites States of America. Every statement will be prefaced with, “Under the previous administration,” or “Under Trump.”

What a sad, sad way to govern.

Crazy Nancy Is All The Proof We Need For Term Limits

This is going to be a great four years for those of us who aren’t democrats. I just saw that the House is recommending that Nancy Pelosi retain her position as Speaker of the House. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? You folks on the left have done nothing but preach unity since the election, but every move you have made says the exact opposite. From Obama calling Trump supporters racist to BLM and ANTIFA attacking Trump supporters at a MAGA rally over the weekend, now they have picked one of the most divisive women in politics to be the speaker, again.

It isn’t bad enough that during the election, she herself, had several Slow Joe moments, but if you look back at the last five years, all she has done is spread lies about Trump and unfortunately his supporters. With all of that said, her supporters felt that she should remain as Speaker of the House. What the hell is wrong with the left? After assuming a morally superior attitude for so many years, they don’t see anything wrong with her behavior. She calls the President childish but who sat there and ripped up his speech on national television? Who lies as much, if not more, than most politicians? Who has obstructed the President at every turn since day one? That’s right, scary Nancy. If Trump says on a beautiful day that the sky is blue, she will disagree with him and say it isn’t.

She, like Slow Joe, has been in politics for way to long. Her usefulness went away probably about twenty years ago and it shows. She, like everyone else on the left, just love to play the race card and the right “only gives tax cuts to the top 1%.” First, that just isn’t true, and second, and even more importantly, SHE IS THE 1%!!!

This is why we so sorely need term limits on these idiots. And this is just not a reference to those on the left. I’m talking about the right as well. I do not see how you get elected making $174,000 and leave 30-40 years later a multi-millionaire. Something doesn’t smell right.

So, here we are again. Nancy will preen, shriek and her bitter arrogance will be on overdrive when Biden takes office. The lamestream media will fawn over her and she (unfortunately) will be have more press conferences than Schumer (if that is at all possible). If she does another publicity stunt with the giant gavel, I can only hope that a colleague takes it away from her and smacks her in the head with it.

The time for term limits is long overdue. But who is going to the one brave enough to start that revolution?

The Sheep And Lemmings

Ever since election day I have been thinking about exactly how someone could vote for Joe Biden. He barely ran a campaign, and when he did come out of his basement he had many instances where he didn’t know where he was or he slurred his words or what he said just didn’t make any sense. I already pointed out in a previous post that I waited and waited for someone to give me reasons why I should vote for Harris/Biden and they never came. The only reason I have heard, and folks on the left are still echoing it today is-“we hate Trump”.

But here is the problem: you are going to get what you deserve for at least the next four years. Take a look at all of the cities that are disasters-Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Portland and Detroit (and that’s just off the top of my head). All are democrat run and all are failing miserably. Yet, those cities continue to vote democrat election after election. And this time they probably elected someone who is more than a little senile, was Vice President for eight years and did nothing and has been in politics for 47 years. So, let’s be honest here. What has he done? What has he accomplished? As VP, he did nothing to improve these cities and even today the crime rate in them climbs every single year. Chicago, of course, is by far the worst.

What is he going to do now that will be President? Without a doubt he will spend most of his time blaming Trump for his failure to do anything. But since we already see it coming, you have to come up with some new moves. Playing the race card this time isn’t going to cut it. Biden’s cry for unity will never be a reality as long as they continue to refer to anyone who doesn’t agree with them as racists. All Biden is going to do is raise all of our taxes and try to exert as much control over YOU as he can. That’s what democrats do. From new shutdowns of cities to “reimagining” the police, the left has no idea what they are doing.

They are adept, however, at eroding our civil rights. The left has pretty much silenced any meaningful type of debate by screaming the usual words and phrases. They have promised to do what they can to the 2nd Amendment because they are too blind to see that guns aren’t the problem, people are. But they will continue on their nonsensical quest to take our guns.

Now if you are a friend of mine and you are reading this and voted for Biden for the sole reason that you hate Trump, you are just plain stupid. I’m sorry. But that is just a fact. As I said previously, we like to see facts, nobody cares how you feel. Don’t you find it strange that 70 million people voted for Trump and even in probable defeat the right isn’t rioting and destroying the very places where they live? You don’t find that odd? I haven’t seen any stupid vagina hats and people screaming at the sky. Thank God that is wack job leftist thing to do.

I saw many posts during the campaign where self identified Biden voters either wouldn’t address the question of his mental fitness or they just willfully ignored it. They ignored the obvious corruption of his crack head son as well as the shady dealings of Slow Joe when he was VP. They ignored Harris’ record as the DA of the democrat cesspool of San Francisco and then as AG of California.

So what does a Harris/Biden ticket have to offer? What will they do to make the country better? We know from the campaign that the only thing that they talked about was COVID and that they weren’t Trump. That may work with the sheep and the lemmings, but you can’t run a country on it. But we all know that they will try.

The Ever Tolerant Left

Will it ever be humanly possible for the left to allow anyone to disagree with them? We have sat and watched as they have rioted for months about nothing and yet they feel the need to attack Trump supporters. If you beat a dog long enough it is going to turn around and attack you. The sniveling cry babies that represent ANTIFA and BLM are beating that dog and haven’t met with much, if any, resistance…Tick tock…

Please Just Go Away…

There once was a time in our great country when once you served as President, either for one or two terms, you quietly retired. Sure, you came out for holidays and special occasions, waved to the crowd and went back into retirement. But no. Not anymore. Former President Obama, unfortunately, seeks the attention of the American people so much that he can’t keep his mouth shut. The folks on the left say that Trump has been divisive, but Obama spent eight years stirring the pot of dissension and hate. Here he is talking about the election, proving unequivocally just how hypocritical he is:

“They appear to be motivated, in part, because the president doesn’t like to lose and never admits loss…I’m more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this, are humoring him in this fashion…It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. And that’s a dangerous path.”

The fact that the left has spent the last four years saying that Trump never was a “legitimate” President and Obama has the unmitigated gall to say that the president “doesn’t like to lose and never admits loss.” Anyone remember Crooked Hillary? To this day she still shrieks about how she should have won in 2016.  And furthermore, he says that the President is “delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration but democracy in general.” Let’s talk about folks who said that Biden should not concede if the race was close?

How exactly does it hurt our fine country if some extra time is taken to do a recount in close races? Please don’t tell me that if the shoe was on the other foot, you wouldn’t be screaming for the same exact thing.

I have already said many times that I don’t expect the results of the election to change, but something much more important is at stake. What is at stake is the overall process. I have seen proof that dead people have voted. Some showed up to vote and found out that they had already voted. This may not amount to much, but the left always seems to try the same old tricks every election cycle.

The only thing that is on a “dangerous path” here is the hypocrisy of the left.

Mr. FORMER President, please, for the sake of ALL Americans, go into a real retirement. Now I know that you have a book coming out. Feel free to do appearances for that, but shut up about everything else, we heard enough during the eight years you were President.

Instead, if you are asked about the election, here’s what you should say:

“I would love to answer that question but for now we are going to have to wait for the process to play out.”

How difficult is that? Instead, he still needs to play politics. You really need to just go away.

Don Lemon=Crybaby

“I don’t dare speak fir my colleagues, but I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been as a journalist to cover this dark part of our history. Let’s hope the attacks on journalists, journalism and EVERYONE end. Time to move into the light. #america”

Yes folks, you are reading this correctly. This is a tweet from Don Lemon over at the Communist News Network. A man on a network that has spent five years peddling a Russian hoax, gloating over the Impeachment of the President and constantly bad mouthing Trump supporters.

This fool makes four million dollars a year and he is complaining about how difficult his job is? Could it be possible to find another human being more out of touch with reality than this bozo?

I hate to break this to you Don, but journalism died quite a few years ago. What you do is not “journalism.” It is bad tabloid television mixed with a healthy dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome. You read words from a teleprompter and condone violence from radical groups like BLM and ANTIFA masquerading as social justice groups.

As a shill for the lamestream media, you do nothing productive for society except stir the pot of dissension. You are nothing but another radical feeble minded idiot whining about what? Did you ever once think that maybe if you treated everyone equally instead of showing your incredible bias that maybe you wouldn’t have had such a hard time? What a baby.

You need to grow the fuck up and realize how privileged you are to be able to spew nonsense for millions of dollars a year.

Get a set and stop whining.

The Left: Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee

Regardless of what many folks on the left believe, we live in the best, most prosperous and powerful country in history. The one over riding idea that makes America the country that it is, is the fact that we have a Constitution that guarantees certain rights and freedoms.

It is unfortunate, however, that for at least the last twelve years, the left has taken it upon themselves to try and silence any opposition that may exist to even their craziest of policy proposals. As a matter of fact, they try to silence anyone on the right from saying anything that they disagree with.

Here are the talking points for the left when you are debating them:

  1. You are a racist
  2. You are a homophobe
  3. You are a transphobe
  4. You are a misogynist
  5. You are a white supremacist

You see it every day on college campuses where right leaning groups are almost always deemed “hate” groups by the left with the absence of any proof that they are indeed any of the five items listed above.

You see it on the street when folks who are wearing Trump shirts/hats are viciously attacked by left wing mobs.  

The reality for those of us on the right is that the left believes that if they scream loud enough, you will just shut up. Up to now, many on the right have just kept their opinions to themselves for fear of the radical left mob. Now is the time, however, to gain a voice and let the left know they can not and will not let you be bullied into submission.

Even though I have always been pretty vocal about my political beliefs (even at work), I always had to temper what I said because where I worked was pretty radical (I worked in a NY suburban high school). I was called a racist many times by students AND colleagues because I opposed the policies of the left and supported Trump.

But is that the true meaning of the 1st Amendment? Should I have to feel fear because someone disagrees with me? I don’t think so. I should be able to voice my opinions and beliefs without having to suffer the wrath of radical groups such as ANTIFA, BLM and just leftists in general.

Now with a Harris/Biden administration, those on the left will feel even more emboldened to silence any opposition from the right. We know for a fact that they will use violence to silence their critics. And we know that they will lie about people to shut them up.

I am in a unique position in my life now because I am retired. I do not have to worry about the radical administration where I used to work forcing me to adhere to the insane ideas that happened to be the flavor of the month just to keep a job.

My one wish is that I would love for those on the left to actually cherish and adhere to the Constitution and allow everyone to voice their opinions.

I am almost certain that I will be waiting for a very long time for this to happen.

Diverse? Inclusive? Not The Left

For years the left has proclaimed itself to be the arbiter of diversity and inclusion. And even though it appears that President Trump will only serve one term, the gift he has left us is priceless in that he has exposed the true left for what they are.

For the better part of five years now, the left, and not only the extreme left, through its actions and words have shown us that they are more divisive and more intolerant than the right could even think of being.

Even though it has been five days since the election, we still have no decision on who has definitively won the election. And yet, the left continues with their vile and despicable attacks on anyone who was and is a Trump supporter. Black voters for Trump are Uncle Toms, of course whites are just racist and white supremacists.

It’s a shame that even in probable victory, they still have to resort to pulling the race card to malign and put down those who disagree with them. They say that Trump is being a sore loser, but they tend to forget that Hillary, to this day, is still moaning about her loss in 2016.

I have mentioned this before, but believe it or not, those of us on the right do have the right to believe in what we believe in. That does not make us racist, it does, however, make you intolerant and small minded.

If the last few days are any indication, it appears as though the left will end up folding in on itself. The extreme left, consisting of the Quad Squad, is being blamed for the poor performance in the House and they in return continue to push their radically left agenda.  

AOC actually had the nerve to tweet the following:

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.” 

That’s right folks, she’s talking about blacklisting and then “canceling” those of us who supported Trump. She is as sick and as crazy as they come.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that this is only the beginning of the radical left wing insanity that we are in for in a Harris/Biden administration.

My advice? Stay strong in your convictions. Don’t let the left dictate how you live your life. I know that I will continue to post as often as I need to so the hypocrisy and quite frankly, crazy behavior is exposed.

It’s Ok…

My friends on the right, it’s ok. I just saw that the AP has called the race for Slow Joe. Remember, it’s all good. Luckily for those of us on the right, we won’t be wearing pussy hats, screaming mindlessly at the sky, or rioting. Joe is our President for somewhere between one day and four years. Not that I am wishing ill will on the man, but if you paid attention to his campaign, (when he came out of his basement) he obviously wasn’t all with it and he is freaking old. Life is fragile and he could go at any time.  

But keep this in mind, you will survive a Biden/Harris, ooops, I meant a Harris/Biden presidency the same way we survived a disastrous eight years of Obama/Biden.

Just remember that we need to keep our principles in mind. The Constitution remains the document that guides us each and every day. We will continue to fight the assaults on our God given liberties and we will prevail.

One last thing. With Harris on the ticket, plan for at least four more years of being called a racist and a misogynist. It doesn’t matter that you hold radically different beliefs, the left will always pull the race card to try and shut us up.

Don’t fall for that trap. The left has no ability to debate policies, because as soon as someone disagrees with them, the vile names come out. I am 100% positive that this will continue.

So stay positive, and if anything, read this blog for some entertainment. I now have nothing but time.

Oh yeah, I forgot. SCOTUS 6-3.