Constitution? What Constitution?

Once again the “feelings” of some graduate student snowflakes rule over the constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Get ready for this one, it’s a doozy.

Leyla Pirnie, a 24-year-old Alabama native and Harvard graduate student, said that she felt her roommates violated her privacy after searching her room without her consent and then confronting her over her gun ownership.

The roommates, after finding a MAGA hat, felt that they could then illegally search her room after finding the hat. An unidentified roommate said that “We saw that you had a MAGA hat and, come on, you’re from Alabama… so we just kind of assumed that you had something.” Really? You are from Alabama and you had a MAGA hat so that gives you permission to enter someones room illegally and rummage through it? Holy shit.

She then asked again as to why they broke into her room and provided them with an explanation. “I asked why they didn’t just call me and ask me before intruding. One of the girls responded that fear took over her body and she felt compelled to search my room until she found proof.”

Fear took over her body? Are you kidding me? If she hadn’t broken into Leyla’s room, she wouldn’t have to be fearful. Ms. Pirnie is a legal gun owner who had been in a violent relationship who decided that she felt safer with firearms. All within her constitutional rights.

The highlight to this barrage of stupidity is that Leyla was the one who was asked to leave the house. Not the nitwits who broke into her room. Her roommates even came up with the following, “We discussed with Leyla that all of us are uncomfortable with having firearms in the house, and that their presence causes anxiety and deprives us of the quiet enjoyment of the premise to which we are entitled.” So if she doesn’t leave, and her roommates do because they just can’t stand the fact that a legal gun owner actually legally owns a gun will have to pay the other roommates rent. What???

The roommates even requested that the police come into the house to see if she was following state and local gun laws. And guess what? She was. They found that she was not breaking any laws. Imagine that. One of the dimwits even said that she was afraid that a gun might go off by itself. Oh dear God…That my friends is a special kind of stupid that I like to reserve for Obama and the Clinton’s.

So if Ms. Pirnie wasn’t breaking any laws, what do the snowflakes have to worry about? Where is the fear coming from?

Feel free, or not, to read the answer to that question in my next post.

As always, if you are offended by this post or just don’t like what I have written…I don’t care.



The Longest Temper Tantrum In History (So Far)

“Trump did not win…Hillary won the popular vote.”

It’s been 711 days since Trump was elected president. Since that day, Robert De Niro, Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of the Democrat party have been afflicted with a really bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Without a doubt, they have contributed to the longest recorded temper tantrum in history (so far).

Day after day we are subjected to the tirades, lies and crude behavior of just about everyone on the left. All they have proven since election day is that they are worst losers that the world has ever seen.

It pretty much started when Hillary said that Trump questioning the integrity of the election (if he lost) was a “direct threat” to our democracy. This of course was before she lost the election that she thought she had in the bag. Once she lost, however, it was question away, forget about what I said during the campaign.

As we all know, Robert De Niro is no fan of President Trump. We have been subjected to his insanity almost since day one. He actually said that Republicans are, “making a deal with the devil.” He went on to say that he was “offended” by Trump and his fellow Republican lawmakers.

Continuing to display the symptoms of Extreme TDS, he doubled down on his insanity and said,  “I’m so offended by this person and by the Republicans in general, and how they’ve behaved, and we see it with the Kavanaugh thing going on right now. And when I see [Trump], I know what he is, and he knows what he is, because everything he says about other people—you’re a loser, you’re a this, you’re a that—is everything he’s saying about himself. He’s so transparent; he’s projecting.”

Seriously?? You are honestly offended by Trump and Republicans in general? How Republicans have behaved? Have you spent one second looking in the mirror and listening to what every democrat had to say during the Kavanaugh hearings?

When are these Hollywood Hypocrites going to get the point that what they say means absolutely nothing? That just because they can act does not make them politically astute. As a matter of fact, some of them aren’t even that good at acting and wouldn’t be qualified to walk my dog or feed my cat. This is especially true when the only message that they seem to be able to convey is, “Agree with me or you are-(take your pick) racist, misogynist, homophobe, islamophobe etc.

So I’m going to lay some truth on you Trump haters. YOU LOST. Even after 711 days you still can’t get over the fact that, well, YOU LOST.

Please, get some self respect and accept the fact Hillary blew it. Maybe if she hadn’t been such a horrible candidate she might have won. But she didn’t. And since it has been 711 days since the election, you guys just look foolish. The constant whining and sniveling at this point just makes you look like petulant two year old children. You didn’t get your way so now you are going to stamp your feet for the entire time that Trump is President.

Wow…I am convinced that you don’t have the ability to be embarrassed by your behavior. That’s cool though. I can wait until you grow up.

If you are offended by this post or just don’t like what I have written…I don’t care.