Now You Want To Be A Patriot?

Even after an election that it looks like they won, the left are still exhibiting extreme levels of Trump Derangement Syndrome. To my astonishment, they are now saying that since Trump lost, they can now “reclaim” the flag because it was theirs as well.

If I remember correctly, the flag never WASN’T the lefts. It belongs to everyone who is a proud American citizen. The left made the choice for four years to say that Trump and his supporters “hijacked” the flag based on the fact that we supported Trump.

So now, after years of stomping on the flag, hanging it upside down (a sign of distress), burning it and smearing feces on it, they want to “claim” it back.

The fact that these lunatics think that the flag was hijacked at all borders between the really stupid if not totally insane.

In my humble opinion, if you desecrate the flag in any way, no matter who is President, you should forfeit your right to live in this great country. Even though Biden will be President, he will still be my President. I may not like it, but, hey, that’s the way the election played out. You won’t see me burning anything because of it, especially the American flag.

What you folks on the left seem to forget is that people have fought and died for that same flag. Millions of others have served under it and consider it sacred. I am one of those people.  I am sick to death when people say, “well that’s why people fought and died so you can have the right to burn the flag.” That is 100% Bovine Scatology. I’m not buying it anymore. If you desecrate the flag, you are human excrement. If you have ever desecrated the flag, you are human excrement.

 And please, don’t pretend that since Biden will be President that everything is going to be all better. Take a close look at what you elected. He is part of the reason why Trump was elected in 2016.

Patriotism isn’t an on again off again proposition. You either love our country, with all of its faults, or you don’t. I see no middle ground here. For those of you who pretend that we do have a middle ground, please take some time to study some history and see why you and I both live in the greatest country in the world.

What is that old saying? America, love it or leave it. It’s time for some of you to hit the road. The sooner the better.

Back The Blue

It has become a sad and sick reality in our country that the very people who are in the public every day protecting us have now become the hunted. Forget everything that you have heard about the police going to work just so they can hunt for black people. While there are most certainly racist cops, the same holds true for fireman, teachers, IT personnel, you name it, every field has some people in it that don’t like someone because of their race.

To say that racism is systemic throughout every police force in the country is just ridiculous and as I have said before, intellectually retarded.

Now I know that if someone reads this who disagrees with me will most certainly put forth incidents where people were actually gunned down by the police for no reason. But they are few and far between. Let’s take a look at the numbers so far this year as to how many police have been shot, as well as shot and killed.

“According to the National Fraternal Order of Police, the number of officers shot from Jan. 1, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020, is up 7 percent from last year’s historic number, which was up 29 percent from 2018. Forty-four of the officers shot this year were fatally wounded.”

Now why is this? Why the sudden and dramatic rise in shootings of our law enforcement personnel? I have my thoughts.

First, groups like BLM make it their business that as soon as a black man is shot by police, they immediately target the officer as a racially motivated hit man. They have never, ever taken a step back and allowed the process of an investigation to take place to see if that truly is the case. Instead, they cry systemic racism and the stupidity starts again. They take the one minute of video that circulates and deem that to be all that happened in that situation. Unfortunately, we have found that in almost every case, once you look at what happened prior to the shooting, the result is obvious, they had no choice.

Second, BLM is actively anti police and the people that follow them believe that they can do whatever they want in regards to the police. Never in my life did I ever think that our country would come to a point where police officers would be assaulted doing their jobs.

Third, I blame the parents of these miscreants. I know that my parents taught me to be respectful to all forms of authority. That doesn’t mean you have to kiss their asses, you just have to shut up. But the current generation has been taught they can argue with the police and not do what they say. I have heard this myself being taught in a class where I used to work.

We have seen the results of this with the riots across the country where police are spit on, had feces and urine thrown on them, cursed and assaulted.

Here is what I suggest you do.

Go to Google and put in the name of every person shot by the police. For starters, watch the entire video before you fan the flames of “police brutality.” I did it and guess what? In almost every case, the folks who were shot were not the choirboys that BLM made them out to be.

So how can we resolve this at its base level?

  1. If you are stopped by the police, do what they say. Keep your comments to yourself and just shut up.
  2. If you think you have been treated unfairly, you have the option to fight it in the courts. Fighting with the police isn’t advisable and could get you killed.
  3. Show the police the same respect that you would want them to show you.
  4. And if you are a parent, don’t be stupid and teacher your children that every cop is a racist. When you do that, YOU are the person putting your child at risk for having an adverse encounter with the police.
  5. BLM and other groups that are anti cop do the same thing that parents do. They instruct people that ALL cops are racist and this just isn’t true. If you don’t want people to die, teach them how to act like respectful human beings.

Now, defunding the police and sending social workers on what police consider some of the most dangerous situations they encounter is beyond stupid. What are those same radicals going to say and do when a social worker gets killed during a call that they get sent to?

Unfortunately, I know that by writing what I have I will once again be called a racist. But that’s ok. Everything that is written here is reasonable and true.

It shouldn’t just be folks on the right that are the supporters our men and women in blue. The left has to start assuming responsibility for what they have created and for the most part chosen to ignore.

And don’t you find it amusing that the very people who assault, demean and call for the abolition of the police are the first people to call them when something goes wrong.

I’m sorry folks, you can’t have it both ways.

Being “Woke” Is A Bad Joke

For what seems like a lifetime now, the term “woke” for better or worse, has been in our everyday vocabulary. Picking a definition online, it says that being “woke” is the following:

“Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK) is a political term originating in the United States referring to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice.”

Social Justice Warriors, meaning the radical left, have taken this term and turned into something insidious and corrupt. BLM, ANTIFA and the left have used the word to subjugate what at first was only white people, but now it is basically anyone they don’t agree with. This even applies to their own. One thing we have seen as a result of these movements is that the left will gladly sacrifice their own in the name of “social justice.”

We see the results of woke behavior all the time in academia, with the students in colleges and high schools. Students and staff alike are told that if they don’t bow to the whims of the “woke” then you are therefore canceled and as a result, ridiculed and verbally abused by the SJW’s and as a result, persona non grata.

The first that time that it was apparent that woke behavior was out of control was during the height of the summer when BLM demanded that white folks apologize for 400 years of slavery and racism. It was sickening to see people on their knees, begging BLM for forgiveness. One thing that always amazes me is that no one on the face of the earth was alive when slaves (In America) were owned, and none of the members of BLM were ever owned as slaves. So, what were they apologizing for? White privilege? Sorry but it doesn’t exist.

They were apologizing in the hopes that they would become one of the accepted and chosen on the left.

This also goes for gay and trans folks. Now before any SJW’s out there have a fit, I really don’t care what you do with your life or your body. You get that? I don’t care. But you also hold no moral authority over me to tell me that I have to believe what you do or that I have to agree with what you believe. That is my freedom as an American. I have the ability to think, say and do as I please unless I am threatening you.

To further clarify, if what I say “triggers” you in any way, that is YOUR issue, not mine. The fact that people on the left are so easily threatened and upset by those who hold a differing opinion means only one thing, that they are the close minded individuals and want only one thing, power over those they hold in contempt.

So, you will have to forgive me if I don’t kowtow to groups and people who think that shaming people into agreeing with them is appropriate. One thing that I have that the left never will, is the ability to independently think for myself. Say what you will, but my self respect will be intact.

SJW’s, unfortunately, no matter who they affiliate with, will continue bullying those who oppose them until people decide that enough is enough.  

Why Politics Do Matter

This morning I received an interesting response to my post about Robert DeNiro. Here is the main part of the comment that I intend to address with this post: “His politics has nothing to do with his acting.” Another comment followed that said, “I am sure at this point that he is not worried about what the critics think.  

While I agree with the second comment, I truly don’t think he cares what his critics think, I have to take umbridge with his first comment. Unfortunately, DeNiro’s politics have EVERYTHING to do with his acting. With PC culture and cancel culture in full swing, he either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care that probably a full 50% of his audience are not progressives. Those 50% don’t agree with his beliefs and they don’t agree with his vitriolic rants against anyone who supports Trump.

Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment?

So why exactly would I keep spending money to either rent or buy a movie with a person in it who has spent more than four years telling me what a POS I am because I don’t think the way that he does? I won’t. I refuse to. Never once have I heard DeNiro or any other leftist Hollywood moron present an actual argument against Trump. It’s always the same old tiresome invectives.

Now remember, while these same folks don’t have any problem with saying the most vile things about someone on the right, they will cower in fear and issue multiple apologies if they are thought to have insulted someone who is gay, trans or whatever the flavor of the day is. And most of the time, in reality, they haven’t said anything to offend anyone. They immediately are afraid that they will become the latest victim of the “cancel culture.” Watching the ensuing ass kissing would actually be worth the price of an admission.

At this point in our history we have multiple groups of people who can’t stand the fact that people actually don’t agree with every twisted and deranged idea that they come up with. But unlike the left, the right doesn’t engage in infantile and violent protests with vagina hats.

So yes, without a doubt, politics plays a part in every aspect of our lives. No matter what you do, your politics will affect what happens to you. Especially if you are vocal and on the right. I am lucky in that I can pretty much say whatever I want at this point because I am retired and the foolish ultra liberal administration that I used to work for can’t do squat.

For those of you on the left, it doesn’t bother you that these actors and actresses have demonized half of our population? It doesn’t bother you that the left has basically tried to strip us of our 1st Amendment right? If it doesn’t, it really should.

 And while it mainly happens on the right, sometimes someone on the left goes way to far and a company or business has no choice but to take action. But that is only as a case of last resort.

For me, I see it as more of shame that these Hollywood elitists truly don’t care about half of their audience. They send an incredibly strong message to those of us on the right every time that they go on a news show and let half of the country know how exactly how they feel about them.

So as an American who firmly believes in the 1st Amendment and definitely not in PC culture, I have made the choice not to watch, rent or buy anything that DeNiro has had a hand in. I will spend my money elsewhere and continue to speak my mind, just as Bobby D. and the rest of his ilk does.

It all comes down to the freedom to make choices. Bobby D. has made his and I have made mine.

What do you think?

What Happened To You Bobby?

DeNiro prior to TDS.

Robert De Niro used to be a great actor. He had his pick of scripts and, throughout his career did make some excellent films. For the last four years, however, not only has his decision making about what movies to make been spotty to say the least. His decision making been adversely affected by his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He is yet another person in the entertainment industry who does not know what lane to stay in and he has obviously picked the wrong one, as has all of the left. Yes, I said all. He joins in the symphony of cackling and whining about Trump instead of providing a cohesive argument about policies etc. Instead, all he has done during the administration is attack the President, his family and his supporters.

Let’s take a look at some of the more colorful and intellectually retarded comments that he has made about Trump:

At the Tony’s and other times during Trump’s four years he has just come right out with a hearty, “Fuck Trump.” At another ass kissing extravaganza for Meryl Streep (another leftist stricken with very severe TDS) he described Trump “as an idiot and a fool” and then called him the “baby-in-chief.”

Unfortunately, his TDS didn’t come after he was elected, but he came down with it during the 2016 campaign. At the time he actually said, “I mean, he’s so blatantly stupid,” and that “he’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con.” and called the president an “embarrassment” to the country. To top that, during one of his more insanity filled rants he said, “He wants to punch people in the face? Well, I’d like to punch him in the face.” Nothing gets the day moving like reviewing some unhinged rants from a Hollywood has been.

I’m pretty sure he has noticed this and like other folks whose time in the sun has dimmed, they will do whatever they can to stay in the spotlight. De Niro has chosen the easiest and most intellectually depraved way of doing this by attacking Trump and his supporters. Yesterday on the View, he lamented that he hoped that Trump supporters would come crawling back to try and get in good favor with the left.

News flash to everyone on the left: I do not know one person on the right who wants to be in good favor with the left. The calls for “unity” and “coming together” are blatant lies and if anyone on the right does believe this, maybe they should be liberals as well (Google John McCaine and Mitt Romney). To be honest with you, I could give a shit less about your desire to “bring the nation together.” It is all a ruse.

So, at the end of the day, what do we have? We have yet another Hollywood idiot who 1) doesn’t know what lane to stay in, and 2) hasn’t realized that no one really cares what he thinks.

Let’s all hope that now that Biden will be President, DeNiro will just go away. Past precedent, however, says that he will now jump on the blame Trump for everything train.

I just hope that in four years we get video of DeNiro climbing out of Biden’s rear end.

It’s Just Amazing (Not In A Good Way)

At this point a day doesn’t go by where the MSM doesn’t amaze me. I really can’t use the word surprise, because everyone in the country can see how differently Trump was treated during his term except for the media. They chose, instead, to live in their safe little bubble where they know that they can publish (or broadcast) any and every lie that they hear about Trump.

You have to be careful as well to make sure that you understand how I look at the word amazement. In the MSM’s case, it isn’t like I just got out of a five star restaurant and I say, “that was an amazing meal.” Not by a long shot. It just so happens that word when I use that word in regards to the media, it is more along the line of, “wow…look at the softballs they just threw Biden in that interview. That is amazing.” Or, “isn’t it amazing how differently they treat Slow Joe and Harris.” The emphasis is still on how incredible the situation is, but I am hoping that it stresses how incredibly bad it is.

Take Andrea Mitchell from NBC for example. She actually said that Joe’s picks for his cabinet will not be “political.” The fact that she said that on the air with a straight face is, well, amazing.

Jennifer Epstein, from Bloomberg, tweeted the following about Biden, with pictures! “George H.W. Bush was known for his socks, maybe Biden will be too? Today he wore dark blue socks adorned with lighter blue dogs. (Yes, there are plenty of more substantive things to tweet about but we can have some fun sometimes too.)”

I have a question for Jennifer: Where exactly were the fun times for the last five years? The fact that you can write that and tweet it is strikes me as, amazing. One twitter user was astute enough to notice the hypocrisy of the statement and replied with, “If Trump wore these same socks you’d probably write ‘Trump wears blue socks. Why it’s problematic that Hitler once wore the color blue as well.’”

Another twitter user said that, “This is why average Americans hate the media, they see headlines like this after 4 years of attacks on a sitting president and his family.” .I can guarantee you that anyone from the MSM who saw that last response probably said, “they aren’t referring to me. I am perfectly fair and unbiased.”

Lastly, Simone D. Sanders replied to Epstein, “These are my favorite pair of socks he owns.” Not only is that amazing, that is fucking amazing!

This is exactly the type of behavior that we can expect to see during over the next four years. And, if something happens to Biden and Harris becomes president, we will see entirely new levels of media bias. Based on past precedent, she would undoubtedly run the country into the ground and the media would still fawn over everything that she does.

“OMG! Did you see the way she walked back to the Oval Office? What a commanding presence.” Or perhaps, “Wow…did you know that Harris really likes the color green? Who knew?”

It is already embarrassing at this point to see the transition of the MSM from being dicks to being serious dickheads.

All of this and he hasn’t even taken office.

Will You Take The Olive Branch?

Another day has passed and with it another leftist Trump hater has come out saying that we need to “come together” to solve the nations problems. Although I just wrote on this subject recently, I honestly don’t believe that the left gets it. Let me give you a really clear example.

Imagine your child is a senior in high school. He or she, it really doesn’t matter, but for the sake of this argument I am going to stick with he, has different beliefs than some of his peers. His peers didn’t like this when he was a freshman so from the first day of school, they taunted him, bullied him, called him names like white supremacist, transphobe, racist and homophobe, all because he didn’t agree with them. His peers don’t think that bullying him in school is good enough, so they tell their group that if anyone does sees your kid in public, that it’s ok to just go up to him and berate him. Remember, this is all because he disagrees with the way that you think.

As the years pass, the bullying continues and you, being the good parent you are, report the behavior of this group and to your astonishment, your report is ignored and  they say if he didn’t do things to warrant the abuse, he would be left alone. As a matter of fact, you are told this type of behavior is ok because how could anyone think like your kid? To your astonishment, the atrocious behavior continues. It gets so bad, in fact, that those peers have now decided that they can use violence against your child, because as you have probably figured out, he doesn’t believe what his peers do.

So, it is now April of your child’s senior year. He is beaten down possibly physically but definitely psychologically by the constant verbal attacks in school and in public. One day, after April Fools Day, the leader of the group comes to you child and says, “forget about how we have treated you for the last four years, we really need to come together now.”

As a parent I wouldn’t buy it. Forget about even being skeptical. But this is what the left wants us to do.

Alyssa Milano is a prime example. After spending the entire Trump administration calling him and his supporters every vile name in the book, she wants to now extend an “olive branch” to his supporters. “I am now ready to move #ForwardTogether” she tweeted. She goes on to say, “There’s so much work to do too heal the nation. Let’s be part of the solution and not add to the problems we face.”

Fortunately, folks on the right aren’t buying it. One person commented that, “I remember you. You were the one glaring at Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his hearings. You were the one that called conservatives every name in the book and didn’t sensor your words in the least. No way you’d be offering an olive branch had your party lost … How about NO .”

Another said that, “I’m too lazy to read the comments but I suspect this yielded exactly zero Trump supporters to take your olive branch.”

Some of her followers also had criticism for her noble gesture. “Unfortunately, until I am sure trumpers won’t try to smite us with the olive branch, I refuse to extend it. Some of these people have cheered the violence against protestors. Have urged civil war. Trust is not something easily mended,” one person commented on her platform.

My favorite comment, however, is filled with just about every anti-Trump talking point. It is truly moronic in its simplicity. “Nah, there is no unity with people who are racist, believe children should be caged, ani maskers, or believe in Trump period. It’s not ok, no one thought we should forgive and befriend the Nazi’s.”

So think about it, if you were the parent of that child or a Trump supporter, would you be so quick to take that Olive Branch?

How Quickly They Forget

It is always nice to see how quickly the left forget the actions of their own party when only four years has passed. It almost seems as though they haven’t quite figured out that our news cycles run 24/7 and anything that is put online is now for public viewing forever.

The left claims that the President is harming our democracy by challenging voter irregularities in several states. As I have stated before, I don’t believe that the issue at this point is declaring Trump the winner, I think that the a bigger picture needs to be examined. What is that you might ask?

We know that the left pretty much cheat during every election. They did this through ACORN, through forged voter registrations, people voting more than once and by having dead people vote. In some areas, voting when dead is actually a rite of passage. Then they feign righteous indignation and slip into denial when they are caught. More so, the corrupt and incredibly biased media covers for them. We have seen proof of this already.

So, the left continues shrieking that Trump is undermining our democracy. How convenient it is for them to forget that they worked overtime trying to get the folks who cast their votes for the Electoral College to actually change their votes from Trump to Billary in 2016.

Now I know that you guys on the left will say that no such thing ever happened, but here is some proof:

Sharon Geise, from Mesa, Arizona, said that starting on election day she began receiving emails telling her to change her vote. “They just keep coming and coming.”  She believes she has received more than 50,000 emails since the election. “They’re overpowering my iPad.”…The NY Post reported that “Republican Patricia Allen of Tennessee said she’s been bombarded with 2,000 emails, 120 letters and five phone calls all urging her to switch and vote against Trump. But Allen, 74, said that despite the “siege,” she’s not budging.”

As we have come to learn over the years during Trump’s administration the left has no problem threatening people with physical harm if they don’t bow to their insane demands. Michael Banerian, the youth vice-chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, said he has been threatened with violence. He said, “I’ve had people talk about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth. I’ve had death wishes or people just saying, ‘I hope you die’ and, ‘do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus.’”

Even with direct evidence of their hypocrisy, they will nevertheless continue to embarrass themselves by pretending that nothing of the kind happened in 2016. They will continue to yell and stamp their feet with the same ferocity as a five year old who has been denied a second piece of Thanksgiving pie.  

So please, save us all the faux anger and let the process run its course.

Oh Maxine…

The “Beat A Dead Horse” Award is being given today to Maxine Waters (D) of California.

What is it with the democrats in California? First you have crazy Nancy and well, she’s just crazy. Unfortunately, at this point Maxine Waters has got her beat. I truly didn’t think it was possible, but Waters has really gone off the rails.

She is now calling for President Trump to be investigated after he leaves office for what he has done to “undermine our democracy” over the last four years. Could a person be more hypocritical? All the left has done for the last four years is undermine our political system with its baseless, and quite frankly, moronic attacks on the president. For her to call for an investigation of Trump is not only insane, but it takes Trump Derangement Syndrome to entirely new levels.

It is obvious to me that Maxine may be suffering from whatever is ailing Slow Joe these days. How can we forget spying on the Trump campaign by Obama? Or totally ignoring Slow Joe’s involvement with his son in using his influence when he was Vice President? Or perhaps, and all I have to do is mention the name, but what about Hillary? I don’t recall any investigations being done in regards to the former administration. But then again, Obama, according himself, had a “scandal free” eight years. Wow…

Does she not see herself for the fraud and hypocrite that she is? All she has to do is look in the mirror for just a second of reflection and maybe, just maybe, she will come to realize that no one is buying her act.

But sadly, this is what the democrat party has become. I can not find one person on the left who will ever condemn anything that they do, no matter how depraved and dishonest it may be. With all of the issues facing our country today, including Slow Joe and his radical regime, she can’t find anything else to focus on?

I ask these questions in jest, of course, because we already know the answer.

The left have no ideas, new or old, that will help advance the cause of the United States. They will continue their slow march to obscurity and a loss of the House in two years because folks are finally coming to realize just how anti-American their beliefs are.

And for those of you out there that continue to blindly support this nonsense, you are equally as culpable. Oh yeah, I also have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.